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State  Wyoming  Incorporated Place  Thermopolis Town pt.  Enumeration District No.   9-2   Sheet No.
  10  B
County   Hot Springs   Ward of City        Block No.         Supervisors District No.   1  
Township or other
division of county   Election District #2  
Unincorporated Place        Institution       
Enumerated by me on   April 7  , 1930,   Cecil M Short  , Enumerator

Dwelling Number

Family Number

Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family

Relationship to head of family


Color or race

Age at last birthday

Birthplace of

This person













Broadway Street
272 284 Kennealley, Joseph L. Head M W 40 South Dakota Iowa Iowa

Agnus L. Wife F W 36 Iowa New York Iowa
273 285 Baker, Fred Head M W 50 Iowa Pennsylvania Indiana
274 286 Enge, Joe A. Head M W 30 Iowa Norway Norway

Burnise Wife F W 30 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Johan Son M W 6 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Una Daughter F W 5 Wyoming Iowa Iowa
275 287 Dickinson, William R. Head M W 37 Wyoming Texas Ohio

Field, Van B. Roomer M W 30 New York New York New York
276 288 Blackley, Robert Head M W 44 Scotland Scotland Scotland

Agustin Wife F W 41 Missouri Germany Germany
277 289 Sihich, Jacob Head M W 38 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
278 290 Walters, Clyde Head M W 37 Indiana Indiana Indiana
279 291 Carpenter, Patrick Head M W 60 Ohio Ireland Ireland
280 292 Noreasich, Frank Head M W 47 Nebraska Germany Germany
281 293 Mekela, Edward S. Head M W 32 Finland Finland Finland
282 294 Carlson, Oscar Head M W 72 Illinois Sweden Sweden
283 295 Hensley, Louis Head M W 23 Kansas Montana Oklahoma

Reynolds, Clifford Roomer M W 23 Wyoming Utah Utah
284 296 Williams, Charles Head M W 43 Iowa Iowa Iowa
285 297 Williams, John Head M W 67 South Wales South Wales South Wales
286 298 Montgomery, William Head M W 35 Scotland Scotland Scotland
287 299 Proffit, Lee Head M W 52 Missouri Missouri Missouri
288 300 Dauch, Mike Head M W 36 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
289 301 Holmes, James A. Head M W 38 Nebraska Ohio Minnesota
290 302 Craig, James R. Head M W 34 Missouri Missouri Missouri

Freerge, Fred Roomer M W 46 New York Germany Germany

Felton, George Roomer M W 22 Wyoming Scotland Pennsylvania
291 303 Easton, Elick Head M W 51 Scotland Scotland Scotland

Gertrude Wife F W 47 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania North Ireland

Helen Daughter F W 19 Wyoming Scotland Pennsylvania

Catheline Daughter F W 17 Wyoming Scotland Pennsylvania

Gertrude Daughter F W 15 Wyoming Scotland Pennsylvania

Rethil Son M W 11 Wyoming Scotland Pennsylvania

Cable, Frances Daughter F W 24 Wyoming Scotland Pennsylvania
292 304 Paschal, Ben Head M W 51 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
293 305 Cornell, Gene R. Head M W 23 Nebraska Illinois Iowa
294 306 Allen, Charles Head M W 70 Kansas Indiana Ohio
295 307 Woodley, Charles C. Head M W 45 Illinois Pennsylvania France

Maze Wife F W 43 Nebraska Iowa Iowa

Don C. Son M W 12 Montana Illinois Nebraska

Vern E. Son M W 8 Montana Illinois Nebraska

Duane L Son M W 5 Wyoming Illinois Nebraska
296 308 Cash, James R. Head M W 65 Missouri Missouri Missouri
297 309 Brown, Leary L. Head M W 30 Idaho Idaho Idaho

Grace W F W 29 Wyoming Missouri Missouri

Maruise Son M W 6 Wyoming Idaho Wyoming

Luella Daughter F W 5 Wyoming Idaho Wyoming

Earl Son M W 3 Wyoming Idaho Wyoming

Vinita Daughter F W 1 Wyoming Idaho Wyoming
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