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State  Wyoming  Incorporated Place  Thermopolis Town pt.  Enumeration District No.   9-2   Sheet No.
  11  A

County   Hot Springs   Ward of City        Block No.         Supervisors District No.   1  
Township or other
division of county   Election District #2  
Unincorporated Place        Institution       
Enumerated by me on   April 8  , 1930,   Cecil M Short  , Enumerator

Dwelling Number

Family Number

Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family

Relationship to head of family


Color or race

Age at last birthday

Birthplace of

This person













Broadway Street
298 310 Johnson, Oscar E. Head M W 44 Sweden Sweden Sweden

Mattie Wife F W 46 Wisconsin Wisconsin Norway
299 311 Ailason, Clarence Head M W 36 Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi

Hodges, Arnold Roomer M W 20 Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi

Weisner, George Roomer M W 37 Illinois Germany France

Kirgard, James C. Roomer M W 61 Denmark Denmark Denmark

Johnston, George K. Roomer M W 50 Illinois New York Illinois
300 312 Watkins, Charlie Head M W 55 Illinois N. Ireland Illinois

Mary E. Mother F W 73 Illinois Illinois Kentucky

Aickinson, Wilson N. Roomer M W 56 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

212A Regas, George Head M W 30 Greece Greece Greece

Maria Wife F W 25 Missouri Missouri Illinois

Teninty, Josephine Servant F W 69 Missouri Kentucky Kentucky
301 313 Hall, Sylvania J. Head M W 34 Minnesota Indiana Ohio

Hattie A. Wife F W 31 Iowa New York Ohio

Orville Son M W 8 Wyoming Minnesota Iowa

Willa Dawn Daughter F W 2 Wyoming Minnesota Iowa

Malinda Mother F W 79 Ohio Ohio Pennsylvania

Martin, George Roomer M W 46 South Dakota Wisconsin Minnesota

Piller, Robert W. Roomer M W 25 Nebraska Colorado Russia

Jones, Peter C. Roomer M W 52 Ohio Ohio Pennsylvania

Eugene, Waller Roomer M W 36 Wyoming Minnesota Iowa

Milton, Eugene Roomer M W 54 Wyoming Minnesota Iowa

Penkow, Resta Roomer M W 45 Illinois Denmark Germany
302 314 McCoy, Nellie Head F W 35 Indiana N. Ireland Indiana

Lin S. Son M W 18 Wyoming New York Indiana

William G. Son M W 11 Montana New York Indiana

Hicks, Pearl Roomer F W 44 Colorado California Kansas
303 315 Bell, Mick J. Head M W 39 ?lead island Italy Italy

Elsie Wife F W 33 Colorado Michigan Colorado

Jolley, Marie Roomer F W 20 Illinois Illinois Illinois

Berglof, Clarence Roomer M W 31 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Brasuh, Otto Roomer M W 52 Germany Germany Germany
304 316 Aver, Ernie Head M W 45 New Jersey Germany Germany

Lillian Wife F W 42 Nebraska Denmark Denmark
305 317 Goldmannm, Phillip Head M W 51 Denmark Denmark Denmark

Euphassia Wife F W 49 Belgium Belgium Belgium

Katherine M. Daughter F W 16 English Canada Denmark Belgium

Iwen Son M W 14 Wyoming Denmark Belgium
306 318 Hanson, James E. Head M W 56 Minnesota Denmark Sweden

Mary, A. Wife F W 51 Missouri Tennessee Ohio
307 319 Walker, Alice Head F W 34 Kentucky Ohio Kentucky

C. Dannie Son M W 14 Wyoming Nebraska Kentucky

Bernard O. Son M W 10 Wyoming Nebraska Kentucky

McGlincey, Eva L. Mother F W 55 Kentucky Louisiana Kentucky
308 320 Plunkett, Harry L. Head M W 80 Illinois Kentucky Ohio
309 321 Bradshaw, Charles C. Head M W 41 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Myrtle Wife F W 40 Louisiana Alabama Kansas

Carolyn Daughter F W 16 Kansas Iowa Missouri

Maxine Daughter F W 14 Kansas Iowa Missouri
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