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Form 15-4




State  Wyoming  Incorporated Place     Gebo Town     Enumeration District No.   9-6   Sheet No.
  7  B

County   Hot Springs   Ward of City        Block No.         Supervisors District No.   1  
Township or other
division of county    Election District 4   
Unincorporated Place        Institution        
Enumerated by me on   April 9  , 1930,   B. M. Ray  , Enumerator

Dwelling Number

Family Number

Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family

Relationship to head of family


Color or race

Age at last birthday

Birthplace of

This person













148 163 Mirich, Sam Head M W 45 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Angeline Wife F W 30 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Mildred Daughter F W 6 Colorado Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Pete Son M W 5 Colorado Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Robert Son M W 3 2/3 Wyoming Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Nich Son M W 3/4 Wyoming Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
149 154 Roganovich, Steve Head M W 39 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Mary Daughter F W 12 Montana Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

154a Cemmock, Eliner Head F W 54 England England England

Val A. Son M W 26 Montana Scotland England

William Son M W 30 Montana Scotland England

154b Vaestic, Sam Head M W 37 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
150 155 Mackey, John Head M W 45 Finland Finland Finland

Deygne Wife F W 45 Finland Finland Finland

Ruth Daughter F W 3 1/2 Wyoming Finland Finland

John Son M W 5 Wyoming Finland Finland

Mary Daughter F W 8 Wyoming Finland Finland

Margaret Daughter F W 11 Wyoming Finland Finland
151 156 Paetela, John Head M W 34 Finland Finland Finland

Sammi Wife F W 34 Finland Finland Finland

Nulo Son M W 7 Michigan Finland Finland

Eirro Son M W 5 Michigan Finland Finland
152 157 Keyola, William Head M W 36 Michigan Finland Finland

Noma Wife F W 30 Montana Finland Finland

Miloan Son M W 12 Michigan Finland Finland

Eduard Son M W 10 Michigan Finland Finland
153 158 Smith, Incuzo Head M W 23 Wyoming England England

Hilda Wife F W 20 Montana Wyoming Montana

Richard Son M W 2 1/3 Montana Wyoming Montana
154 159 Dakola, Erich Head M W 55 Finland Finland Finland

Lena Wife F W 53 Finland Finland Finland

Thomas Son M W 24 Montana Finland Finland
155 160 Mortin, John Head M W 67 Illinois England France

Anna Wife F W 56 Illinois England Scotland

Henry Son M W 33 Montana Illinois Illinois

Robert Grand Son M W 5 Wyoming Montana Wyoming

Alex, George Boarder M W 45 Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria

Cooley, Robert Boarder M W 52 Sweden Sweden Sweden
156 161 Larson, William Head M W 39 Sweden Sweden Sweden

Erma Wife F W 22 Wyoming Belgium Belgium

161a Halbert, Charles Head M W 25 Canada Scotland Scotland

Clara Wife F W 26 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Kenneth Son M W 19 Wyoming Scotland Iowa
157 162 Lathams, John Head M W 46 Iowa Iowa South Dakota

Maggie Wife F W 44 South Dakota Iowa South Dakota

Leland Son M W 19 Iowa Iowa South Dakota

Mildred Daughter F W 17 Iowa Iowa South Dakota

Ramond Son M W 15 Iowa Iowa South Dakota

Lesten Son M W 12 Iowa Iowa South Dakota

Richard Son M W 11 Iowa Iowa South Dakota
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