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State  Wyoming  Incorporated Place     Gebo Town     Enumeration District No.   9-6   Sheet No.
  8  B

County   Hot Springs   Ward of City        Block No.         Supervisors District No.   1  
Township or other
division of county    Election District 4   
Unincorporated Place        Institution        
Enumerated by me on   April 10  , 1930,   B. M. Ray  , Enumerator

Dwelling Number

Family Number

Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family

Relationship to head of family


Color or race

Age at last birthday

Birthplace of

This person













166 173 Denomedi, Joe Head M W 39 Italy Italy Italy

Dina Wife F W 37 Germany Germany Germany

Joe Jr. Son M W 20 Germany Italy Germany

William Son M W 15 Wyoming Italy Germany

Elizabeth Daughter F W 14 Wyoming Italy Germany

Leeva Daughter F W 8 Wyoming Italy Germany

Mary Daughter F W 5 Wyoming Italy Germany

174 Vin, John Head M W 44 Asia Serbia Serbia

Mary Wife F W 35 Serbia Serbia Serbia

John Son M W 14 Wyoming Asia Serbia

Veda Daughter F W 8 Wyoming Asia Serbia

Popovich, Jack Boarder M W 54 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Nickolich, Alie Boarder M W 45 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

175 Stead, George Head M W 49 England England England

Amelia Wife F W 49 Iowa Germany Wisconsin

George H. Jr. Son M W 13 South Dakota England Iowa

Woosman, Ted Boarder M W 52 Wales Wales Wales

176 Balich, John Head M W 28 Yugoslavia Serbia Serbia

Christa Wife F W 20 Montana Yugoslavia Serbia

177 Stellit, David Head M W 42 Scotland Scotland Scotland

Jennie Wife F W 30 Scotland Scotland Scotland

Jennie Daughter F W 11 Scotland Scotland Scotland

David Son M W 6 Wyoming Scotland Scotland

Nillie Daughter F W 4 1/ 4 Wyoming Scotland Scotland

Willie Son M W 2 1/ 2 Wyoming Scotland Scotland

Andrew Brother M W 22 Scotland Scotland Scotland
168 178 Ayelae, Dan Head M W 39 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Albina Wife F W 35 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Stella Daughter F W 15 Wyoming Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Edward Son M W 6 Wyoming Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Betty Daughter F W 4 1/ 6 Wyoming Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Eugene Son M W 6 Wyoming Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
169 179 Norakvich, Jack Head M W 41 Yugoslavia Serbia Serbia

Mary Wife F W 30 Canada Canada Canada

Mike Son M W 11 Montana Yugoslavia Canada

Ted Son M W 9 Wyoming Yugoslavia Canada

Mary Daughter F W 4 5/12 Wales Yugoslavia Canada

Mire, Paul Boarder M W 44 Italy Italy Italy

Woolman, Otto Boarder M W 46 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Manacini, Joe Boarder M W 45 Italy Italy Italy

Rovich, Joe Boarder M W 49 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Davidson, John Boarder M W 50 Scotland Scotland Scotland

Mulch, David Boarder M W 32 Massachusetts Iowa Iowa

Reed, Hugh Boarder M W 50 Minnesota Pennsylvania Norway

Phillips, Charles Boarder M W 47 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Stanhouse, John Boarder M W 44 Scotland Scotland Scotland

Anderson, Pete Boarder M W 68 Denmark Denmark Denmark

Mussell, Nelson Boarder M W 35 Missouri England England

Brown, John Boarder M W 42 Pennsylvania England England

Markeved, Wilold Boarder M W 36 Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania
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