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State  Wyoming  Incorporated Place          Enumeration District No.   9-11   Sheet No.
  3  B

County   Hot Springs   Ward of City        Block No.         Supervisors District No.   1  
Township or other
division of county    Election District 4 Precinct 13   
Unincorporated Place        Institution        
Enumerated by me on   April 28  , 1930,   Cecil M. Short  , Enumerator

Dwelling Number

Family Number

Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family

Relationship to head of family


Color or race

Age at last birthday

Birthplace of

This person













81 95 Gardner, Clarence Head M W 49 Nebraska Indiana Illinois

Kathryn Wife F W 48 Michigan Michigan Michigan

96 Parker, Rollins Head M W 30 Utah Utah Utah

Alice C. Wife F W 25 Wyoming Texas Wyoming

Marian Daughter F W 5 Wyoming Utah Wyoming

Yancy, Claude Boarder M W 47 Missouri Missouri Missouri
82 97 Rech, Charles Head M W 67 Illinois Illinois Illinois
83 98 Swallow, Frank Head M W 38 Kansas Indiana Ohio

Margaret Wife F W 36 Montana Bohemia Bohemia

Margaret F. Daughter F W 18 Montana Kansas Montana

Clarence Son M W 16 Montana Kansas Montana
84 99 Ried, Frank D Head M W 50 Nebraska Indiana Georgia

Louis M. Brother M W 47 Nebraska Indiana Georgia

Olson, Carl Boarder M W 40 Sweden Sweden Sweden
85 100 Bloomquest, Martin Head M W 45 Sweden Sweden Sweden

Julia Wife F W 43 Sweden Sweden Sweden

Loosemore, Lester Step Son M W 11 Wyoming Sweden Sweden

Marign Step Daughter F W 9 Wyoming Sweden Sweden

Bloomquest, Julia Bell Daughter F W 6 Wyoming Sweden Sweden

Martin Jr. Son M W 3 1/ 3 Illinois Sweden Sweden
87 102 David, Ileene Head F W 22 Illinois Indiana Illinois
88 103 Rollins, Jess Head M W 75 Utah Utah Utah
89 104 Moore, Curtis C. Head M W 67 Vermont Canada Canada

Lucy L. Wife F W 72 California Illinois Vermont

Irwin, Nellie Grand Daughter F W 11 Texas Wyoming Idaho
90 105 McCurtley, John D. Head M W 29 Montana North Ireland North Ireland
91 106 Arneson, Lee C. Head M W 49 South Dakota Iowa Iowa

107 Owens, Leslie Head M W 26 Kansas Indiana Missouri

Mary Jane Wife F W 27 Kansas Illinois Kansas

Walker, Lee L. Boarder M W 24 Oklahoma Kansas New York

Lee, Thomas D. Boarder M W 43 Tennessee England Virginia
92 108 Pettingill, John S Head M W 48 New York New York New York

Esther Wife F W 40 Iowa Indiana Ohio

John Son M W 10 Wyoming New York Iowa

109 Ogburn, Steve A. Head M W 50 Missouri Indiana Ohio
93 110 Fuller, George B. Head M W 49 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Caroline Wife F W 47 Illinois Illinois Illinois

George Son M W 18 Wyoming Illinois Yugoslavia
94 111 Hayes, Vincent A. Head M W 60 Nevada Irish Free State Irish Free State

Luttie W. Wife F W 49 Missouri Missouri Missouri

Lawrence Son M W 17 Wyoming Nevada Missouri

112 Hayes Jr., Vincent A. Head M W 23 Wyoming Nevada Missouri

Alice C. Wife F W 23 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

Virginia Daughter F W 2 1/ 2 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

Colleen Daughter F W 1 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming
95 113 Swallow, John Head M W 38 Kansas Indiana Ohio

Ester Wife F W 35 Wyoming Sweden Sweden

Ester Bell Daughter F W 2 2/ 3 Wyoming Kansas Wyoming

Walker, Alie P. Boarder M W 25 Oklahoma Pennsylvania Oklahoma
96 114 [Lined out] Corail, Frank F Head M W 38 Oklahoma Ohio Ohio [Lined out]
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