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Casualty Lists - 1918

New-York Tribune. August 06, 1918
New York, N.Y. 1866-1924

                   The Casualty List
  WASHINGTON, Aug. 5.--Casualties among the American troops
in the severe fighting in which they have been engaged since July 15, when
the German offensive was launched and halted at the Marne, are now
being reported in the daily lists from General Pershing though no esti-
mate of the total has yet been received.
  To-day's army list contained 706 names, the largest number re-
ported in a single day. Of the men named 450 were killed in action,
80 died of wounds and 148 were wounded, 48 seriously and 100 degree
undetermined. The missing in action numbered only three. In addition
to the army list the marine list to-day contained ten names nine killed
in action and one died of wounds.

SLAGLE, George L., corp., Crosby (K)
TERRELL, Ephraim, priv., Thermopolis (K)

New-York Tribune. September 05, 1918
New York, N.Y. 1866-1924

                     The Casualty List
  WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.--The army and marine corps casualty lists
made public by the War Department, to-day contain the names of 600 men,
593 soldiers and seven marines.
  On the army list are the names of 99 killed in action, 40 dead from
wounds or other causes,241 wounded severely, 98 wounded, degree unde-
termined, 108 missing in action and one a prisoner.
  Three marines were killed in action, one died of wounds received in
action, one was wounded severely, and one wounded, degree undetermined.

BERGEN, Glenn, priv., Thermopolis (W)

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