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Miscellaneous News Clippings 1898 - 1904

The Salt Lake Herald. January 09, 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909


  Charles Sells a Cattleman Killed
       By a Saloonkeeper
      (Special to The Herald)
  Lander, Wyo., Jan. 8.--N. B. Kinnear,
a ranchman on the Big Wind river, on
the line of the Ft Washakie-Thermop-
olis stage line arrived here today and
said that the stage driver had brought
the news to his ranch on Saturday
evening of a killing at Thermopolis on
Friday night at about 12 oclock. Early
in the evening a crowd of men got out
and were drinking and shooting up the
town generall and in one instance
shot all the lights of a saloon out. A
quarrel resulted between Jack Holly-
wood, a saloonkeeper, and Charles
Sells, foreman for the Padlok Cattle
company, and Hollywood struck Sells
several times on the head with a six
shooter knocking him down and bruis-
ing and cutting his head in a horrible
manner. Sells was picked up and tak-
en into a room in the back of the sa-
loon and placed on a bed.
  Several more rounds of whisky were
taken, and at 2 o'clock, when the pro-
prietor of the saloon prepared to close
up his place he stepped into the room
to see how Sells was and found him
  No news was brought as to what
has been done with Hollywood. The
latter is a brother-in-law of the no-
torious "Slick" Hard, who is now do-
ing time in the Laramie penitentiary
for a murder, Hollywood has always
borne a good reputation and he has
prospered in business.

The Salt Lake Herald. January 12, 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909

  Three Men Arrested For the Murder
           of Sayles
     (Special to The Herald)
  Lander, Wyo., Jan 11. A special
courier from Thermopolis today brings
the particulars of the killing which
took place at that town on the evening
of the 6th inst. The row began in the
saloon of Jack Hollywood the man
who did the killing and was over a
bill which Sayles was owing him.
Sayles paid the bill, and was followed
out to the sidewalk where more words
passed, and Hollywood struck him over
the head with a gun.
  A coroners jury was impaneled. The
verdict was in accordance with the
above facts, and two other men were
implicated as accessories. They are
Stanley Miller, a gambler, and W. S.
Edgell, a barber. The three men were
arrested and a preliminary examina-
tion was set for yesterday. Owing to
the distance from Lander and the ab-
sence of telegraphic communication
the result of the examination is not yet
known here.

The Salt Lake Herald. February 02, 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909

   Authorities at Thermopolis Have
        Their Hands Full
     (Special to The Herald)
  Lander. Wyo., Feb. 1.--The newly-in-
corporated town of Thermopolis, Fre-
mont county, is having a time with the
rough element of that city. The jus-
tice is having his hands full taking care
of the unruly members. The town has
been terrorized for some time by this
unlawful element and since incorpora-
tion an effort is being made to break
it up.
  The city authorities today sent in to
Lander one Charles Chandler under a
jail sentence of six months and to pay
a fine of $100 and costs for the promis-
cuous handling and firing of a revolver
and the holding-up of citizens of that
town. Upon arriving here, Chandler
took an appeal to the district court and
gave bonds for his apnearance at the
next term of said court. Chandler is a
barkeeper for John Hollywood, the man
who is now confined in the county Jail
for the murder of Charles Sayles at
Thermopolis on the 6th of January.

The Salt Lake Herald. February 13, 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909

   Report That It Will Build to
    (Special to The Herald)
  Thermopolis, Wyo., Feb. 10.-- Team-
sters who have arrived here from
Huntley, Mont., the present terminus
of the Burlington road, say that the
company has recently unloaded a large
amount of steel rails and scrapers at
that place for the purpose, it is said,
of continuing the line on westward. It
is reported in Huntley that the pro-
posed line will be from Huntley
through Priors gap, across Big Horn
basin to Thermopolis, thence in a
westerly direction to the line of the
Oregon Short Line in Idaho. During
the past few weeks General Manager
Holdrege of the Burlington has paid
several visits to Huntley and all per-
sons here believe that the proposed
road will be built. The line was sur-
veyed last summer.

The Salt Lake Herald. June 22, 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909


  Posses Are Closing In On the Train



 Seen Coming Out of the Bad Lands
  On the Wind River Reservation

   Bought Up All the Ammunition
  In Thermopolis and Also Secured

     (Special to The Herald)
  Lander, Wyo., June 21.--John Hays
post butcher at Fort Washakie on
Monday afternoon about 6 oclock saw
three men on horseback with two pack
horses coming out of the bad lands on
the Wind River reservation about
twelve miles from Big Wind river. The
men were traveling west and Hays
knowing that the robbers were expect-
ed to pass through that country
watched them until they went into
camp on Crow creek, a short distance
from Crow Heart Butte. He put back
to the river and there met J. C. Bald-
win with a posse of six Shoshone po-
lice who he put on the trail.
  On Tuesday evening a posse of four-
teen men led by A. M. Sparhawk of the
Denver secret force camped near the
camping place of the robbers of the
evening before. This posse had fol-
lowed the trail of the robbers from
the northwestern corner of Natrona
county, keeping the trail with blood
hounds. The robbers crossed the Big
Horn river four miles below Thermopo-
his Sunday night and some time dur
ing the night sent a man to Thermopo-
his who purchased all the 30-30 ammu
nition in the town and a lot of sup-
  The robbers are keeping away from
the roads and trails and going through
the roughest section of the country. Re-
cent rains have fallen and the trailers
now have no trouble in following the
trail by the footprints of their horses.
They are heading directly for "Jackson
Hole" but with the posses following
them they will undoubtedly be cut off
before they can reach it. The Sho-
shone Indians, composing one of the
posses, know every foot of the country
and will no doubt be able to take a
cutoff that will bring them in ahead of
  Sparhawks posse is gaining ground
fast and travels several more miles a
day than do the bandits. It is thor-
oughly believed that the capture will
be made in a few days as it is almost
impossible for the bandits to get out of
the country in which they now are.


 Belief That Bandits Are Making For
    Powder Springs Rendezvous
      (Special to The Hernia)
  Vernal, Utah, June 21.-- Sheriff Preece
with several men left here late last
night for the Browns Park country. A
careful inquiry leads to the conclusion
that advices have been received con-
cerning the movements of the Union
Pacific train robbers.
  The sudden departure of Sheriff
Preece gives rise to the belief that the
fugitives are headed this way. Should
the bandits reach the old Power Springs
rendezvous in advance of the officers
it is feared by many that they will
find supplies and perhaps reinforce-
ments awaiting them as there is no
question but there is constant commu-
nication between the different central
points of operation. Sheriff Preece is
thoroughly familiar with the country
around Powder Springs and Brown's
Park, having made many trips into
that wild section and should the out-
laws invade the old haunts of Tracy
and Lant they will no doubt receive as
warm a reception did those desper-
ate characters.
  Powder Springs is close to the line of
the three states, Colorado, Utah, and
,Wyoming and is an Ideal place for the
rendezvous of bad men. But of late
Sheriff Preece has kept such a watch on
the place that matters have been pret-
ty quiet although different parties
have reported signs of life at the old
stand on several occasions. Should the
fugitives reach this station they will
run up against the hardest combination
they have encountered for Uintah
county has some of the most deter-
mined men in the west, men who balk
at nothing and are ever ready to assist
the officers at a moments notice.

  Robbers Believed to Be Heading For
         Big Horn River
      (Special to The Herald)
  Cheyenne, Wyo., June 21.--A courier
arrived in Casper tonight from Ther-
mopolis with the news that the Union
Pacific train robbers were trail
ed to "The Bridges" on Ker-
by creek fifteen miles from
Thermopolis. United States Mar
shal Hadsell was two days behind the
robbers, but having secured fresh
horses at Thermopolis was gaining
upon the bandits. The latter seemed to
be heading for McDonald's ferry on the
Big Horn river
  Today the Union Pacific sent Engi-
neer Jones and Postal Clerk Deitrick,
who were on the train which was held
up, to Dillon Mont to see if they could
identify the two suspects arrested
there yesterday.

The Salt Lake Herald. August 12, 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah 1870-1909

  Wyoming State Engineer Decides On
     (Special Correspondence.)
  Cheyenne, Wyo., Aug. 10.--State
Engineer Fred Bond returned today
from Thermopolis hot springs, in Big
Horn county, where he made an ex-
amination for a site for a bridge over
the Big Horn river at that point. Mr.
Bond will report on a site for a bridge
and it is expected a structure will be
built sometime between now and next
spring. Mr Bond states that upwards
of 200 visitors were enjoying the health
giving waters of the hot springs,
many of the visitors having come from
the Hot Springs of South Dakota.

The Saint Paul Globe. November 06, 1901
St. Paul, Minn. 1896-1905

    First 'Legal Hanging in Years.
  BASIN CITY, Wyo., Nov. 5.--Jorn Fen-
ton, alias A. A. Winters, who several
weeks ago shot and killed Mrs. A. . L.
Hoover, on the streets at Thermopolis,
was today found guilty of murder in the
first degree and sentenced to be  hanged.
Fenton became enamored of Mrs. Hoover
and proposed marriage. On her refusal
he shot her, killing her instantly. It
will be the first legal hanging in Wyo-
ming for ten years.

Valentine Democrat. June 25, 1903
Valentine, Neb. 1900-1930

  By mistake last week we stated
that A. J. Irwin, of Thermopolis,
was dead. It was Mrs. A. J. Ir-
win who died.

The Ocala Banner. August 12, 1904
Ocala, Marion County, Fla. 1883-194?

Forest Fire Raging
  Lander, Wyo., August 11.--A forest
fire is raging in the Wind river moun-
tains betweenthis place and Thermop-
olis and alread reported to have
destroyed a large area of timber. 
The fir is working eastard and a num-
ber of ranches and mining properties
are directly in its path. The inhab-
itant of the forest ranges have turned
out to fight the flames.

The Ocala Banner. November 11, 1904
Ocala, Marion County, Fla. 1883-194?


Bank Robbers Disguised as Proepcctors-
tors Make Escape 
  Thermopolis, Wyo., Nov. 9.--Sher-
iff Fanton of Big Horn county and and
a posse have returned from the chase
after Harvey Logan and his gang of
Cody bank robbers and reports that
Logan, by the boldest piece of daring
outwitted the officers and made his es-
cape out of the country and is now
well out of the state.
  Logan disguised as a prospector,
with an old packmule loaded with
tools and provisions tramped out of
the Hole-in-the-Wall country past the
posses and made his way to Caspar.
where he took a train. The balance
of the gang split up, two disappear-
ing completely and two more doubling
back in the mountains 2 miles from

The Saint Paul Globe. November 17, 1904
St. Paul, Minn. 1896-1905

  Suspect Is Captured In North-
         ern Wyoming
  CODY, Wyo., Nov. 16.--One of the
robbers who held up and killed Cashier
Middaugh, of the Cody National bank
and made their escape with a consid-
erable sum of money, has been cap-
tured in Northern Wyoming. The pris-
oner appears to fill the description of
the one who shot Middaugh.
  The capture was made by three men
in the Big Horn valley, a few miles
from Thermopolis. The men rode cau-
tiously on the ruffian and got the drop
on him. Questioned as to the identity
and whereabouts of his partner, he re-
fused to talk. Upon his person were
found a revolver and some money that
are known to be the same as that taken
in the holdup at Edward's saloon at
Thermopolis yesterday.

CHEYENNE, Wyo., Nov. 16.--A dis-
patch from Thermopolis says that two
men who were among those that pur-
sued the two men who held up a saloon
several nights ago in Thermopolis
overtook the shorter man of the two
yesterday at the mouth of Owl creek.
When called on to surrender he made
no resistance, but threw away his gun.
He was brought back to Thermopolis
this evening and placed In jail. It has
not been learned whether he was one
of the men who killed Cashier Mid-
daugh. The opinion prevails at Ther-
mopolis that he is not.

The San Francisco Call. November 16, 1904
San Francisco, Calif. 1895-1913

   Believed to Be the Same Men Who
       Robbed Bank at Cody and
            Shot Cashier.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Nov. 15. — Two
masked . bandits entered Charles Ed-
wards' saloon and gambling house in
Thermopolis early to-day, lined all the
dealers and players against the wall
and secured all the money and valu-
ables in the place. The amount of
plunder is not known, but it is believed
to be large. It is thought the robbers
are the men who attempted to rob the
bank at Cody a few weeks ago and
killed Cashier I. O. Middaugh.

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