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June 21, 2011

    June 21, 2011
The Hot Springs Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Government Annex.

Present were Commissioners John P. Lumley, Brad Basse and Mike Baker. Also present were County Attorney Jerry Williams, County Clerk Hans Odde and Administrative Assistant to the Commissioners Penny Herdt.

Chairman Lumley led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Agenda
Brad Basse moved to approve the agenda with the following additions:
Regular Business 10. Lane 3 Addendum Discussion
11. Gottsche Wellness Rebate Discussion
12. Cloud Peak Counseling Center Title 25 Agreement
Other Business4. Set Budget Meeting
5. Consider Re-Insurance Carrier Designation
Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Courthouse Cabling Project — Open & Award Bids
Commissioner Basse excused himself from the meeting room at this point, as he was one of the bidders on the project. Clerk Odde noted that the Courthouse Cabling Project had been advertised for bids in the newspaper, and notification of the project had been sent to Zupan Electric, RT Communications and Qwest Communications as well. Two bids were received for the project — one from ISC Corp. of Casper and one from Jadeco, Inc. of Thermopolis. Both bids were received on time. The bids each contained the proper bid bonds and signatures. The project bid specifications allowed for bidding on the project in seven different phases — Phase 1 — Courthouse Data Cabling, Complete; Phase 2 — Joint Law Enforcement Center Cabling, Complete; Phase 3 — Fiber Optic Link Between IDF-1 & IDF-2; Phase 4 — Third Floor Suspended Ceiling; Phase 5 — Third Floor Lighting Modifications; Phase 6 — Courthouse Electrical Additions; and Phase 7 — Joint Law Enforcement Tele-Power Pole Electrification. ISC's bid included Phase 1 - $32,670.57, Phase 2 - $4,208.82 and Phase 3 - $3,000.00 for a total bid of $39,879.39. ISC did not bid on Phases 4-7 of the project. Jadeco's bid included Phase 1 - $35,212.00, Phase 2 - $4,960.00, Phase 3 - $3,425.00, Phase 4 - $16,486.00, Phase 5 - $8,906.00, Phase 6 - $32,440.00, and Phase 7 - $665.00, for a total of $102,094.00, with a discount for completion of the entire project to $100,019.00. After discussion and consultation with the County Attorney, Mike Baker moved to award Phases 1-3 of the Courthouse Cabling project to ISC Corp. in the total amount of $39,879.39, and Phases 4-7 to Jadeco, Inc. in the total amount of $58,497.00, for a total project amount of $98,376.39. John P. Lumley seconded the motion. Discussion: While the two Commissioners acknowledged the efficiency of a single contractor, and recognized their interest in awarding the bid to a local contractor, it was clear that it would be in the County's best financial interest to split the project bid awards, especially as the project was broken out into separate phases for the bidding process. Motion carried.


Public Health Nursing Position Support Letter
Clerk Odde presented a draft letter to Mr. Thomas Forslund, Director of the Wyoming Dept. of Health, expressing the Commissioners' support for an additional, full-time nursing position in the County's Public Health department for the Commissioners' approval. After discussing the need for this position with Public Health Nurse Bree Gerber, Brad Basse moved to approve the letter for signature. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Hospital Discussion
Hospital Board President Dr. Bill Williams thanked the Commissioners for their attendance at the Phase 2 meeting regarding the Master Facility Plan. Dr. Williams discussed the need for a Hospital District to insure the future of the hospital and thanked the Commissioners for their ongoing support of a Hospital District. The Commissioners reviewed the requirements for getting the question of a Hospital District on the ballot with Dr. Williams, particularly the requirement stating that 25% of the landowners, as well as the owners of the land comprising 25% of the assessed valuation must sign a petition to put the question on the ballot.

Ratify County Sign Management Plan
Road & Bridge Supervisor Ray Shaffer reviewed the proposed County Sign Management Plan that he had previously sent to the Commissioners for their review and comments. The County needs to have a formally adopted Sign Management Plan in place to comply with the federal MUCTD guidelines in order to be allowed to meet those guidelines as time and money permit, rather than having to replace all the County's signs at once, which would be prohibitively expensive. Brad Basse moved to adopt the Sign Management Plan as presented, with the following corrections: Strike all paragraphs up through “THEREFORE..”, capitalize “It”, change references to “the Department” to “the Hot Springs County Commissioners” and end at Shaffer signature line, and replace Shaffer's signature with that of the Commission Chairman. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Discussion: Baker moved to add the first paragraph back to the document. Basse seconded the motion. Motion carried. Chairman Lumley called for a vote on the original motion. Motion carried. The Sign Management Plan as adopted reads as follows:

Adopted By the BOCC JUNE 21, 2011
It is the intention and mission of Hot Springs County to hereby provide evidence and documentation of good faith intent to establish a safe, current, well designed, and efficient program for the provision, location and placement of signage within Hot Springs County. It is the intent of Hot Springs County to follow MUTCD, 2009 Edition, guidelines to the best of our ability and understanding. The County believes that implementation must be given latitude with respect for budgetary constraints and limitations. It is the County's intent to update/upgrade all signage in a prudent, responsible fashion, and to provide for a safe, efficient system of county roads.
IT IS the opinion and decision of Hot Springs County, to establish a blanket approach in replacement/upgrade of all signage within the county. This will be accomplished in the following manner:
Warning and regulatory signs will take precedence in replacement protocol. These signs provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on county roads, and thereby require first attention. The order of replacement of signs as to which roads will get first action will be determined by traffic counts done during 2010. Those roads with highest volume of traffic will receive first replacements. It should be noted, that any sign that is determined to NOT BE needed, vague, or unnecessary, will be removed from the roadside and from signage inventories. Warning signs will typically be signs that are either yellow with black lettering/numbering, or orange with black lettering/numbering. Regulatory signs on our county roads are typically stop and yield signs, their color being red and white, or speed limit signs, road closed signs, and seat belt advisory signs, their color being white with black lettering.
Guide signs will be replaced on an “as needed” basis. These signs are typically road numbering/naming signs and provide the public with help in finding their way along county roads. Typical guide signs on county roads would be road numbers (blue & yellow), road names (green & white), or rural address numbers (green & white).


Informational signs are very minimal on county roads, but could be blue & white, green & white, brown & white, black lettering on safety green such as those associated with the school system, or others as may be warranted. Their priority is low, so will be upgraded only as needed or as budgets allow.
At this time, there are NO lighted traffic signals on county roads. Likewise, we DO NOT have any road striping or pavement markings on county roads.
IT IS the intention of the County to replace/upgrade all signage on a consistent regimen as budgets allow. The current best science available would suggest that the average life of a sign is about 10 years. This will of course be affected by positioning and orientation of the sign, so we will need to continually monitor our inventory as to age and physical condition. To aid with this monitoring, HSC Road & Bridge will be placing a self adhesive label to the back of each new sign installed that will indicate the date of installation, sign material used, and contain the County's identification and contact information. In addition, HSC Road & Bridge will be applying a self adhesive American flag to the face of signs in areas where we have experienced vandalism and wanton destruction of signs, in an attempt to elicit some respect for public property by attaching the best symbol of our respect.

John P. Lumley, Chairman
Hot Springs County Board of Commissioners
Fire Number Discussion
Mr. Shaffer asked about the status of the Fire Number Revision issue. Very low turnout at the first public meeting held to gather public input on the Revision has led to discussion of ways to get the public more involved prior to the Fire Number revisions being put in place. The Commissioners stated that they would like to see a letter directed to those residents whose addresses are likely to change, with a copy of the proposed Revision Guidelines enclosed, asking for their input on the matter. Mr. Shaffer indicated that he has already identified those addresses, so a mailing list could be quickly compiled. Staff was directed to draft the letter to be sent as soon as a meeting date could be set and labels printed.

Lane 3 — Rural Section Construction
Mr. Shaffer asked about the status of the WYDOT approval for Lane 3 plans, as he would like to start construction on the rural section of the project as soon as possible. Approval of the engineering plans has not yet been received from WYDOT, but Mr. Shaffer will be notified as soon as it is received.

Youth Alternatives Report
Youth Alternatives Director Alan Rossler reported that things are going well. Currently there are ten participants, with five recent graduates. There was one 48-hour hold in May and none so far this month. There were no juveniles placed in detention last month. The VOA Grant notification is scheduled for July 22, 2011. Mr. Rossler discussed completing the True Thought program training as recommended by former Director Bob Wyss. There is a certification training tentatively scheduled for August in Casper which he hopes to attend. Mr. Rossler will be out of the office the week of July 16, 2011. Kathy King will man the office that week.

County Disaster Declaration Request
Mike Baker reported that Farm Service Agency advisory board member Matt Brown had asked the Commissioners to consider asking the governor's office for a disaster declaration to deal with flood damage in Hot Springs County. Sherry McMillan, local head of the Farm Service Agency, also encouraged the request for a disaster declaration so that losses could be addressed as soon as they occur. After discussing the matter, the Commissioners agreed that, while losses have occurred and continue to do so, they do not rise to the level of a county-wide disaster declaration at this time. The Commissioners will review the situation at their July 5th meeting to determine how things stand at that time.


Emergency Management Report
Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Gordon reported that the spring run-off is proceeding normally for the most part and no major flooding is expected at this time.

Coroner Budget Issues
County Coroner Mark Mortimore appeared to answer the Commissioners' questions regarding bills submitted by his office for autopsy and training expenses. The Coroner has historically absorbed mileage costs for transportation, but with the increase in gas, maintenance and vehicle prices, it has reached the point where he can no longer afford to do so. Mr. Mortimore indicated that the personnel costs were a bit unusual in that outside personnel had to be used due to the Coroner and his staff being otherwise engaged and unable to directly perform the required tasks. Regarding training expenses for personnel not employed by the Coroner's office, the Commissioners declined to pay for that training and Mr. Mortimore agreed to adjust the bill to reflect that decision.

Sublette County Attorney Report on DCI Investigation
The Commissioners requested the County Attorney's advice on how to release the report of the outside review of the DCI's investigation of the Hot Springs County Sheriff's Office. County Attorney Jerry Williams stated that the only reason for not fully releasing the report was if a governmental interest would be served by non-disclosure of certain items, which did not appear to be the case. Commissioner Basse expressed his dismay that those who instigated this action were not interested enough in the outcome to attend this meeting. Mike Baker moved to publicly release the Case Investigation Summary & Charging Decision dated 5/18/11 addressed to the Hot Springs County Clerk, Attention of the Hot Springs County Commissioners in its entirety. Brad Basse seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Lane 3 Addendum
The easement documents for Pamida have been returned with addendums setting out conditions that the County Attorney finds unacceptable. In light of the continued delays caused by Spirit Master (Pamida's lessor), the Commissioners discussed the possibility of adjusting the construction plans to eliminate the necessity of obtaining an easement from Pamida and eliminating any need for access or curb cuts to the Pamida property. Engineering Associates representatives have indicated that this would be possible from an engineering standpoint. Commissioner Baker with work with Engineering Associates' Heath Overfield and WYDOT's Shelby Carlson to communicate this possibility to Pamida's representatives as soon as possible.

Gottsche Wellness Rebate
The County has an agreement with Gottsche that lets County employees and their families join the Gottsche Wellness Center at a reduced rate through payroll deduction. The Commissioners received a proposal to rebate the employee's membership fee on an annual basis upon proof of 100 days of attendance throughout the year. Family members would not be eligible for the rebate. The point of the rebate would be to encourage participation in the program by County employees in an effort to improve their overall health and well-being. The Commissioners agreed that this would be a good idea and agreed to consider the proposal in their on-going budget discussions. Clerk Odde was asked to check with the County's insurance consultant regarding the feasibility of including it in the Wellness portion of the insurance plan.

Cloud Peak Counseling Center Agreement
County Attorney Jerry Williams presented an Agreement For Crisis Beds & Treatment Services between Hot Springs County and Cloud Peak Counseling Center Crisis Center in Worland for the Commissioners' review and authorization of his signature. This agreement would allow treatment of Title 25 patients in a more efficient and considerably less expensive manner than


the current arrangements with WBI provide. After reviewing the document with the Commissioners, Attorney Williams indicated that he is comfortable with the terms of the agreement, and would like to sign it with the caveat that if he becomes uncomfortable with the way the agreement is being administered, he will discontinue using Cloud Peak's services. Brad Basse moved authorization for the County Attorney to enter into the Agreement For Crisis Beds & Treatment Services between Hot Springs County and Cloud Peak Counseling Center Crisis Center. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Discussion: Chairman Lumley expressed some concern regarding liability of the County if a patient chose to walk away from the non-secure facility. Attorney Williams indicated that it appears that arrangements have been made for a rapid response from law enforcement if such a situation occurred. Motion carried.

Other Business
FNRPA Funding Letter — Brad Basse moved to approve the letter as drafted to Governor Mead thanking him for allocating FNRPA funds to be used on the BHB Resource Management Plan Revision. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Resolution to Accept Funds — Bank of Thermopolis — Clerk Odde presented the Resolution to Accept Funds by the Bank of Thermopolis. By the Commissioners' acceptance of this resolution, the County Treasurer is authorized to use the Bank of Thermopolis as a depository for public funds. Mike Baker moved to accept the Resolution to Accept Funds by the Bank of Thermopolis. Brad Basse seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Red Rock Business Park Annual Report — Clerk Odde presented the Red Rock Business Park Annual Report compiled for the Business Ready Community Grant by the EDC reporting funds expended during the current fiscal year. No funds were expended from the grant this year. Brad Basse moved to submit the Annual Report to the Wyoming Business Council for the Red Rock Business Park. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Set Budget Meeting — Commissioners set the next budget work session for Thursday, June 23rd beginning at 3:00 p.m. in the Annex meeting room.
Consider Re-Insurance Carrier Designation — Clerk Odde presented proposals for the County's Re-Insurance coverage from Bardon and ERR/QBE. The recommendation from the county's insurance consultant is to remain with Bardon as they offer the best coverage for the lowest premium. Brad Basse moved to designate Bardon as the County's Re-Insurance carrier for the upcoming year at a premium of $198,777.54. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Library Board Minutes
Office of Homeland Security — Wyoming Flood Fight Information
UW-CES — 4-H Program Information Flier
Fair Board Minutes
Alanna Freel — Scholarship Thank You
U.S. EPA — Notice of Safe Drinking Water Act Enforcement Action against the WYDOT-Gooseberry Rest Area Public Water System — Info Only
Airport Activity Report — May, 2011
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Golf Tournament
WDEQ — REF Under Clean Water Act Sections 319 & 205j
The Commissioners reviewed the foregoing correspondence. No action was required.

Executive Session
Brad Basse moved to enter Executive Session for reasons of land acquisition at 6:52 p.m. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried. Present for the Executive Session were the Commissioners, Clerk Odde, Admin Herdt and GDA representatives Dusty Spomer, Jeremy Gilb, Joel Peckham and Craig Wetterlund. Brad Basse moved to leave Executive Session at


8:06 p.m. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried. No action was taken during or as a result of the Executive Session.

There being no further business to come before the Board of County Commissioners at this time, Brad Basse moved to adjourn. Chairman Lumley declared the meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

John P. Lumley, Chairman Hans Odde, Clerk to the Board


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