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June 15, 2010

    June 15, 2010
The Hot Springs Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, June 15, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Room at the Government Annex.
Present were Commissioners John P. Lumley, Brad Basse, and Mike Baker. Also present were County Attorney Jerry Williams, County Clerk Hans Odde and Administrative Assistant Penny Herdt. Chairman John P. Lumley led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Approval of Agenda
Mike Baker moved to approve the agenda with the following changes:
ADD:Regular Business6. Consider Appreciation Letter to The Daniels Fund
7. AEOC/Search & Rescue Signage
8. Lane 3 Consultant Discussion
Brad Basse seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Consider Scholarship Renewal Applications
Only one renewal application was received this year. Clerk Odde reported that all renewal application requirements have been met by the applicant. Brad Basse moved to designate Kyle Hoffman as the recipient of the Board of County Commissioners Renewal Scholarship for 2010. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried. Clerk Odde will notify the University of Wyoming of the selection.
Consider South Thermopolis Water & Sewer District Expansion
South Thermopolis Water & Sewer District representative Charlie Stickney presented the Commissioners with a Petition for Enlargement to add the Mountain View and Copper View subdivisions to the South Thermopolis Water & Sewer District. Clerk Odde reviewed the statutory requirements for said petition. As 100% of the affected landowners have signed the petition agreeing to their inclusion in the expansion, no election needs to be held in order to ratify the expansion requested by the South Thermopolis Water & Sewer District. Mike Baker moved to approve the Petition For Enlargement of the South Thermopolis Water & Sewer District. Brad Basse seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Snow Plow Budget Discussion
Clerk Odde outlined the options for acquiring a new snow plow for the Road & Bridge Department via either a four to five year Municipal Lease or cash purchase. The cost of the lease would be approximately $39,000.00/year, and the county would own the equipment at the end of the lease. Although the document is termed a “lease”, it is actually more of an installment contract for purchase, with a very favorable interest rate. County Attorney Williams indicated that he would like to see the lease no longer than four years to avoid binding future County Commissioners to a contract. Commissioner Basse stated that he would like to see a spec sheet worked up and bids solicited for the truck. After discussion, the consensus was to go with a Municipal Lease agreement, with funding to be worked out through the current budget process. When Road & Bridge has a lease agreement for the plow, it will be brought before the Commissioners for approval.
Other Business
Consider Wyoming Department of Aging Contract Extension for LT 101 Services – Clerk Odde presented Amendment #1 to the Contract between Wyoming Dept. of Health – Aging Division and HSC Public Health Nursing for the Commissioners’ consideration. This contract covers LT-101 services provided for the state by the county Public Health office, including Long-Term Care, Community Based Services, and Assisted Living Facilities. This amendment simply extends the original contract date for six months, or until a new contract can be issued and signed. Brad Basse moved to approve Amendment #1 to the Contract between Wyoming Dept. of Health–Aging Division and HSC Public Health Nursing for LT- 101 Services. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Consider Election Judge Pay Rate – Clerk Odde appeared before the Commissioners to request a change in the hourly rate for election judges in Hot Springs County. The current rate is $8.50/hour, and he would like to raise the rate to $9.00/hour in recognition of the time and effort put forth by the election judges. Total impact on the county budget would be less than $1,000.00. Mike Baker moved to set pay for the Election Judges at $9.00/hour. Brad Basse seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Discuss Curtin Property – There was some concern on the part of the Commissioners regarding the fact that the possession date was believed to be June 15, 2010, and the previous property owner did not have all the inventory and fixtures removed from the building at this time. The previous owner (Patty Curtin) was contacted by phone to discuss this matter. Ms. Curtin indicated that she believed the possession date was actually July 15, 2010. Clerk Odde confirmed that the possession date is July 15, 2010. Ms. Curtin stated that she plans to remove the remaining inventory, the air conditioning unit from the roof, the nine-door walk-in cooler, and the exterior doors from the building prior to July 15, 2010. The Commissioners found Ms. Curtin’s plans to be acceptable except for the removal of the exterior doors. The doors are considered a permanent attachment to the building and must be left in place.
Appoint Library Board Member
There is an upcoming vacancy on the Library Board due to Nancy Ready’s resignation effective June 30, 2010. Properly complete applications for the Library Board opening were received in a timely fashion from Barbara Vietti and Nancy Williams. After discussion, Commissioners cast their ballots. Clerk Odde reported a unanimous ballot cast for Barbara Vietti. Brad Basse moved to appoint Barbara Vietti to the Library Board effective July 1, 2010, with letters to both Ms. Vietti and Ms. Williams. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Sage Grouse Project Implementation Discussion
BLM representative Karla Bird appeared at the Commissioners’ request to discuss the BLM’s potential involvement in the sage grouse study proposed by Jim Pehringer with State Wildlife Services at the last Commission meeting. Ms Bird stressed that the BLM manages only the sage grouse habitat areas—not the birds themselves. At this time, Ms. Bird indicated that the BLM has not had any discussions regarding the proposed sage grouse project with Wildlife Services representatives. A copy of Jim Pehringer’s proposal from the last Commission meeting was given to Ms. Bird for her perusal. The BLM will be sponsoring a Field Day for the public in Hot Springs County on July 31 to provide information regarding the Resource Management Plan revision currently underway in the Bighorn Basin. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. More information will be forthcoming as the dates get closer. Chairman Lumley asked Ms. Bird to seriously consider including the Kirby Creek area in the Field Day, as that area is not currently on the trip’s schedule of stops. Ms. Bird agreed to investigate the possibility of including the Kirby Creek area in the trip.
Consider Appreciation Letter – Daniels Fund
Chairman Lumley stated that, as this year is the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of The Daniels Fund, and as Hot Springs County has benefitted many times from the generosity of The Daniels Fund through scholarships for local students and grants to local groups and organizations, he would like to propose a letter of appreciation be written to the Board of Directors of the Fund, to be presented at their anniversary celebration in Laramie on June 17, 2010. Brad Basse moved that a letter be drafted for the signature of all three Commissioners to the Daniels Fund Board of Directors in recognition of their tenth anniversary and recognizing them for their contributions to our community. The letter was presented to and approved for signature by the Commissioners. Chairman Lumley will be attending the anniversary celebration in Laramie this week and will hand-deliver the letter at that time.
AEOC/Search & Rescue Building Sign
Commissioner Basse presented a draft design of the sign produced through collaboration with the Search & Rescue team members for the Commissioners’ consideration. After discussion and suggestions, Commissioner Basse was authorized to proceed with procurement of the sign for the AEOC/Search & Rescue Building.
Lane 3 Consultant Discussion
Commissioner Basse reported that there has been some question regarding adequate representation of the county’s interests during the engineering process for the Lane 3 upgrade. An offer has been received from Harry Hughes to contract as the county’s representative during this process. Planner Lee Campbell
expressed his feeling that, when outside engineering firms and/or consultants are used for county projects, it is imperative that the county be given copies of all files, maps, emails, etc. concerning the project so that complete files are available for review at a later date. After discussion, it was decided that Mr. Hughes’ services are not required at this time. Commissioner Basse will contact Engineering Associates and convey the county’s concerns to them regarding more frequent and complete communication during the course of the project.
HSC Planner – WDEQ-Land Quality Division – Landowner Statement of Satisfactory Reclamation
HSC Planner – WDEQ-Water Quality Division – Storm Water Discharge Permit Termination Notice
Wyoming DEQ – East Sunnyside (Harvey)(Rabbit) Pit Release
Bureau of Reclamation – Snowmelt Forecast – June, 2010
Governor’s Office – Response regarding proposed Grass Creek Special Management Area
US Dept. of the Interior – Horse & Burro Program
Personnel Handbook Review Memo – LGLP Review Meeting Date – 6/30/10
Biomass Utilization Group Memory
Fairboard Minutes
McGarvin-Moberly – Proposed Pearce Gravel Pit
There being no further business to come before the Board of County Commissioners at this time Brad W. Basse moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:02 p.m. Mike Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

John P. Lumley, ChairmanHans Odde, Clerk to the Board