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July 7, 2009

    July 7, 2009
The Hot Springs County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Room at the Courthouse. Present were Commissioners Brad W. Basse, John P. Lumley and Frank T. Manning. Also present were Clerk to the Board Hans Odde and Administrative Assistant to the Commissioners Penny Herdt. County Attorney Jerry Williams and his law intern, Alan Carswell, joined the meeting in progress. Chairman Brad W. Basse led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Approval of Agenda
John P. Lumley made a motion to approve the agenda with the following amendments:
Delete:Bill Gordon

Jim Skelton
3. Emergency Management Monthly Report
5. Road & Bridge Monthly Report
Frank T. Manning seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Approve Minutes
Frank T. Manning made a motion to approve the minutes of June 2, 16 and 30, 2009 as presented. John P. Lumley seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Open Airport Pavement Maintenance Project Bids
Chairman Brad W. Basse called for any further bids. Receiving none, he declared the bidding closed. Bids were received from the following firms:
Mountain Construction, Lovell, Wyoming – Bid Schedule #1 - $190,653.75; Bid Schedule #2 – No bid
Hi-Lite Markings, Inc., Adams Center, New York – Bid Schedule #1- $133,544.00; Bid Schedule #2 – $170,633.00
Maxwell Asphalt, Salt Lake City, Utah – Bid Schedule #1 - $105,755.30; Bid Schedule #2 - $138,474.30
Hard Drives Construction, Billings, Montana - Bid Schedule #1 - $142,050.49; Bid Schedule #2 – $188,852.49
Intermountain Slurry Seal, Salt Lake City, Utah – Bid Schedule #1 - $154,825.80; Bid Schedule #2 – No Bid
As a reference, the Project Engineer’s Cost Estimate was Bid Schedule #1 - $145,434.00; Bid Schedule #2 - $323,034.07. Project Engineer Dusty Spomer with GDA Engineering took the bids for review and tabulation. He presented the bid assessment later in the meeting for the Commissioners’ decision.
County Planner Monthly Report
County Planner Lee Campbell and Land Use Planning Committee member Larry Bentley appeared before the Commissioners to discuss procedures and coordination between the Commissioners, the Land Use Planning Committee and the County Planner regarding the County’s subdivision process in general and as it relates to the upcoming Nakamura Subdivision process in particular. Planner Campbell and Mr. Bentley indicated that they are attempting to have all necessary issues as resolved as possible before bringing a subdivision to the Commissioners for approval. No action was required of or taken by the Commissioners at this time.     The Commissioners discussed a letter requesting information on county gravel pits and any related litigation from Terry Tonn with Planner Campbell. County Attorney Jerry Williams will work with Mr. Campbell to draft a reply to Mr. Tonn’s request.
Maintenance Monthly Report
Maintenance Foreman Chuck Carver reported that the boiler room surge tank has been repaired and is working very well. There is a problem with yellow ash disease in a few of the ash trees in front of the courthouse, so he is working with an arborist to try to bring them back to health. As a result of Rocky Mountain Power’s recent rate restructuring, Mr. Carver has started a review of the usage history in the county buildings, and reports that in the buildings such as the library where efforts have been made to increase energy efficiency, usage has actually dropped steadily over the last four years.


    Regarding the new Government Annex building HVAC controls, Mr. Carver expressed some concern over the changes that have been made in the specified control system. He feels that short-term cost savings achieved during construction could result in higher costs down the road due to the different control systems in the courthouse and the new building. The Commissioners indicated that it would be important to work closely with the mechanical engineer on the project to ensure that the mechanical specifications will meet the county’s needs for the building.
Consider Amendment to Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant Award
Clerk Odde presented Amendment #1 to the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant for the Commissioners’ approval and signature. The purpose of the amendment is to increase the amount of the grant by $5,251.00 and extend the expiration date of the grant from September 30, 2009 to December 31.2009. The County Attorney has reviewed and approved the amendment. John P. Lumley moved to approve Amendment #1 to the Grant Award for the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Public Health Preparedness & Response for Bioterrorism--Wyoming Dept. of Health and HSC Public Health Nursing Services in the amount of $5,251.00, bringing the total amount of the grant to $51,938.00. Frank T. Manning seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Selection of Special Inspections Firm—Government Annex Building
Clerk Odde reported that only one response had been received to the Request for Proposals for Special Inspection Services for the new Government Annex building. Dowell-HKM was the only firm responding to the RFP. Groathouse Construction and Plan One Architects have indicated that Dowell-HKM would be capable of performing the required special inspections for the project. Frank T. Manning moved to accept Dowell-HKM’s bid for Special Inspections on the Government Annex project, with negotiations to follow regarding methods of payment.
Wording for Ferry Crossing Monument
Daughters of the American Revolution-Washakie Chapter representatives Ruth Clare Johnson and Marilyn Strausborger appeared before the Commissioners to discuss the final wording of the plaque to be placed on the Yates/Roberts Ferry Crossing monument previously approved by the Commissioners. Frank T. Manning moved to approve the wording for the plaque as follows:

(Ferry Picture)

Before the Wind River Canyon had a railroad or a highway, this ferry was a vital part of the travel route for all those coming from the south, into the Big Horn Basin and on north to Yellowstone National Park and other destinations. It was used by the twice-daily Birdseye Pass Stagecoach between Shoshoni and Thermopolis, by people on foot, horses and mules and horse and mule drawn wagons, including those carrying freight, and perhaps by a few of the new fangled automobiles.
  The ferry was discontinued soon after the Buffalo Creek Bridge located northeasterly from the mouth of Wind River Canyon and just west of the ferry crossing was completed in 1916.

Marker dedicated ------ 2010 by Washakie Chapter
National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution.

(DAR Insignia)

John P. Lumley seconded the motion. Motion carried. Ms. Strausborger requested a letter from the County to the National DAR organization confirming approval of the monument and the wording to be placed on the plaque. Clerk Odde will provide the letter.


Search and Rescue Vehicle
Undersheriff Dave Larson and Search & Rescue Captain Chad Baldes appeared before the Commissioners to discuss acquisition of a vehicle for use by the Search & Rescue. A military Hummer is available free of charge from the Department of Defense as part of their Defense Equipment Re-utilization program. The primary stipulation for acquisition is that the County may not resell the vehicle and must destroy and dispose the vehicle at the end of its useful life. The Commissioners gave Mr. Larson and Mr. Baldes the go-ahead to try to procure the vehicle for use by Search & Rescue.
    The Commissioners discussed smoking and security issues concerning some Dispatch officers with Undersheriff Larson. A letter will be written by the Commissioners to the Town of Thermopolis asking their assistance in resolving this matter.
Award Airport Pavement Maintenance Bid
GDA representative Dusty Spomer returned before the Commissioners to present the Airport Pavement Maintenance bid tabulation and recommendation. Bid Schedule #1 was selected as the preferable option for the project, thereby eliminating Bid Schedule #2 and Addendum #1 from consideration. After review of the bids, Mr. Spomer recommended accepting the low bid from Maxwell Asphalt for Bid Schedule #1 in the amount of $105,755.30. After some discussion, Chairman Basse suggested that a letter be written to WYDOT-Aeronautics Division stating that the County is taking the more conservative approach to the pavement maintenance project based on the expectation that this approach will constitute an adequate fix until a decision has been made and carried out regarding construction of a new airport in Hot Springs County. The letter would also state that, if more repairs were required prior to that time, the County would like to be able to go forward with those repairs as necessary. Frank T. Manning moved to award the Airport Pavement Maintenance contract to Maxwell Asphalt, Salt Lake City, Utah, in the amount of $105,755.30. John P. Lumley seconded the motion. Discussion: Award contingent upon acceptance by WYDOT-Aeronautics Division. Motion carried.
Other Business:
Conduit Easement with the Town of Thermopolis – Clerk Odde presented an easement agreement with the Town of Thermopolis for the boring from the Government Annex site to the Courthouse for placement of underground conduit for fiber optic lines and twisted pair network cabling. The agreement has been prepared by the County Attorney for signature by the Commissioners and representatives from the Town. Chairman Basse recused himself from discussion and voting due to his status as an apparent sub-contractor on the project. Frank T. Manning moved to sign the Conduit Easement with the Town of Thermopolis. John P. Lumley seconded the motion. Discussion: Vice-Chairman Lumley will sign the agreement due to Chairman Basse’s recusal of himself from voting and signature. Motion carried.
Amendment #1 to Employee Medical Benefit Plan – Clerk Odde presented Amendment #1 to the HSC Employee Medical Benefit Plan. This amendment addresses Continuation of Coverage during Disability, Leave of Absence and Layoff for elected officials and regular County employees. John P. Lumley moved to approve Amendment #1 to the Employee Medical Benefit Plan. Frank T. Manning seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Airport Fly-In Draw Down Request - Clerk Odde presented the 2009 Airport Fly-In Draw Down request in the amount of $615.00. The amount of the grant received from the state for the Fly-In was $1,161.00. In consideration of the fact that considerably less money was expended than was granted this year, the Commissioners expressed a desire to see the majority of the supplies for the event procured locally next year. Frank T. Manning moved to approve the Airport Fly-In Draw Down request in the amount of $615.00. John P. Lumley seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Engineering Associates – Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan – Planning Pamphlet After a short discussion regarding the formation of a solid waste district, it was decided to pursue that after the first of the year.
WYDOT – Operational Traffic Review – High School/Chamber of Commerce Area This report will be available in the Clerk’s office for public review
Wyoming Wolf Coalition – Coalition Participation Agreement – No action taken
SLIB Project Application Dates/Special Meeting Dates
NOWCAP – Hosing Preservation Program
Office of State Lands & Investments – Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules & Regulations
DEQ – Request for Proposals – Clean Water Act Section 319 and 205j Funds


WAOA Fall Conference Hosting Opportunities
Fairboard Minutes and Agenda
Commissioners reviewed the foregoing correspondence. No action was required at this time.
There being no further business to come before the Board, John P. Lumley moved to adjourn at 11:30 a.m. Frank T. Manning seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Brad W. Basse, Chairman Hans Odde, Clerk to the Board