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Information provided by Micah John Jenkins Camp No. 164, Sons of Spanish American War Veterans

Field & Staff

2nd United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment


Torrey, Jay Linn (Lynn): Of Wyoming.

  Lieutenant Colonel

Cannon, John Quayle: Of Salt Lake City, Utah.


Calverley, Robert

Harbord, James G.

Wheeler, William G.: Of Denver, Colorado.

  Adjutant (First Lieutenant)

Lacey, Herbert V.: Of Wyoming.

  Quartermaster (First Lieutenant)

Rapp, Fred: Of Wyoming.

  Surgeon (Major)

Jesurum, Mortimer: Of Wyoming.

  Assistant Surgeon (First Lieutenant)

Root, Matt R.

White, George R.

  Chaplain (Captain)

Golden, Henry G.: Of Wyoming.


Troop F, Wyoming

2nd United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment

This Troop was organized with men from Rock Springs, Green River, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, and was mustered into United States service as Troop F of the 2nd United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment on May 27th, 1898, at Fort D.A. Russell, Wyoming, for two years service.


Hoadley, Willis F.

  First Lieutenant

Deitrick, Leonard L.: See First Lieutenant, 13th U.S. Cavalry Regiment

  Second Lieutenant

King, Thomas J.

  First Sergeant

Kidd, Frank

  Quartermaster Sergeant

Shields, Daniel B.


Artist, George E.

Crawford, William A.

Jackson, John A.

Landenberger, George

Maly, Jeremiah

Solomon, George D.


Eardley, Josiah H.

James, Melville W.

Matheson, Angus J.

McClure, bert

ORiley, John E.

Parrott, Jacob L.

Peters, John W.

Wells, Frank C.

  Musician (Trumpeter)

Ely, Edward F.

Gunther, Frank J.


Place, Lucius A.


Paulson, James


Benz, Benjamin

Bird, Joseph

Bloom, Henry C.

Bodendick, John N.

Brooks, John E.

Brown, Samuel K.

Chester, Morrison

Cole, Charles W.

Collins, Bert

Craig, Thomas

Davis, Allison

Durbin, Walter

Ekdall, Albert B.

Fairbanks, Max

Farley, William

Garner, Rufus E.

Hagen, Frederick

Haley, Patrick W.

Johnson, Frank O.

Leffler, Leo

Lewis, Milton M.

Maher, Arthur

McBride, George H.

McGuire, James W.

McKlem, Robert

Manassa, Robert

Michaels, Philip

Moffatt, William D.

Muir, John

Myers, Robert

OBrien, Charles

OBrien, William

Patterson, James H.

Pauley, Harry N.

Peckham, Walter J.

Peterson, Emile

Petteys, Edward

Pierson, Charles A.

Porter, Ellsworth

Riordan, Lawrence

Robinson, George G.

Sadlier, George W.

Saunders, Adolph C.

School (Schoel), Edward G.

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Edgar M.

Tiberhein, Eugen

Wale, Frederick O.


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