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Casper (F8 on the map, 5,123 alt., 46,801 pop.), seat of Natrona County and second largest city in Wyoming, is situated on a great bend of the North Platte River -- mainly on the south side of the river.  South of the town the pine-studded slopes of  Casper Mountain rise to an altitude of more than 8,000 feet.  In 1885 the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Railway (controlled by the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad) announced plans to build into the rich central-Wyoming cattle country, and thus in 1888, Judge Joseph M. Carey designated part of his CY ranch as the site of a new town.  Casper became the terminus for the railroad upon arrival of the railhead in July 1888 and was named after Fort Casper (see below) - with the name misspelled.  By the time the difference in spelling of the name was discovered, all the documents had Casper instead of Caspar and it was thought to be too difficult to change.  (It is claimed that initially a telegrapher typed a dot, when he should have sent a dot-dash). The town became the county seat when Natrona County was established in 1888 after an election between Casper and Bessemer.  Casper was incorporated in 1889 and Wyoming became a state July 10, 1890.  Casper is the home of Casper College which was established in 1945.  The college offers many cultural, technical, and business courses and has a good sports program.  It is well known for its Adult Continuing Education programs. 
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