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Natrona County Genealogical Society

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First let's introduce the Officers...
 Marie Henthorn
Vice President
Kay McCullough
Catherine M. Conley
Petey Straub

Natrona County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 50665
Casper, Wyoming 82605-0665

The Natrona County Genealogical Society Library is collocated with the LDS Family History Center at 3931 West 45th Street, Casper, WY.  Thus, in addition to Family History Center materials, many genealogical references are also available.

Annual Membership dues are $8.50 per family
Requests for membership may be mail to the address given above.


The NCGS has compiled the publications listed below. These are available for purchase from the society and you may request has purchased the electronic (internet) rights for the cemetery records and obituaries and it is expected that they will be available through  that internet site in the future.  Locations of cemeteries outside of Casper are shown on the Natrona County map.

1.  Natrona County, Wyoming Cemetery Records, Vol. I, 1889-1950; published 1986; cost $10 plus S&H.
2.  Natrona County, Wyoming Cemetery Records, Vol. II, Highland Cemetery, 1951-1985; published 1988; cost $12 plus S&H.
3.  Natrona County, Wyoming Cemetery Records, Vol. III, Memorial Gardens, 1954-1989; Casper Mountain, 1961-1989; Oregon Trail 1984-1989; published 1990; cost $8 plus S&H.
4.  Research Guide to Natrona County; published 1986; 53 pp, published 1986, cost $4.50 plus S&H. (Gives an overview of the county and the towns, significant trails through the county, and gives guidance for finding records such as Cemetery Records, Churches and Records, Courthouse Records, Libraries, Newspaper Records, Mortuary records, Museums, School Records, and Wyoming Records).
5.  Index of History of Natrona County, published 1986, cost $4.75 plus S&H.  (Alfred James Mohler published an un-indexed “History of Natrona County” in 1923 with a second printing in 1966.  This is an index to that publication and makes it more useful).

1 publication: $3
2 publications: $5
3 publications: $6
4 publications: $8

Information Provided by:Vernon V. Vinzant
and the Natrona County Genealogical Society

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