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Index to


A Facet of Wyoming History


By Stanley Kuzara, 1977

Indexed by Cynthia A. Georgen, 1998


This index contains all the surnames, place names, organizations and business names included in Mr. Kuzara’s book on Sheridan area coal mines and related topics. Please note the following when using the index: 

There are several different spellings for many of the surnames included. Researchers are encouraged to check all possible spellings.    

Wives were frequently listed by their husbands’ names only; Mrs. John Jones, for example, rather than Mary Jones.    

As for the mines and associated camps, it was difficult sometimes to tell whether the articles were referring to the mines or the camps, i.e., Monarch Mine vs. Monarch Camp. Researchers are advised to check both entries.   

For lookups, contact ALHN-Wyo. When requesting a search, please provide the name of the book, the page number from the index, and the name of the person you are researching. Photocopies of book pages will not be mailed; transcripts of entries will be emailed.

Note: This book is currently out of print. Copies can occasionally be found on Internet auction sites.

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