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Index to


An Honor Roll Pictorial Record of the

Gallant and Courageous Men from Sheridan County,

Wyoming Who Served in the World War of 1917-1918-1919,

Also of the War Workers Whose Activities at Home

and Abroad Made Victory Possible


Published by Mills Printing Company, 1919

J P Buschlen, Editor


Indexed by Cynde Georgen, 2005


This index contains all the surnames, organizations and business names included in In the World War, a limited edition book on Sheridan County's contributions to the war effort in 1917-1919. Information available may include name, age, rank, service branch, units/ships to which attached, duties performed, injuries or cause of death, service dates, etc. Note: Not all information is available on all service members.

Please note the following when using the index: 

Service branch is noted parenthetically behind the name of each service member. If a service branch is not listed, assume the person was not in the military.  Service branches include:

USA = United States Army

USN = United States Navy

USMC = United States Marine Corps

USAAS = United States Army Air Service

USNAS = United States Navy Air Service

BCF = British-Canadian Forces

ROTC = Reserve Officer Training Corps

SATC = Student Army Training Corps

ARC = American Red Cross

HG = Wyoming Home Guard

? = Service Branch not identified

Several service members from Sheridan County were killed or wounded in service. Their status is identified in the index as follows:

* = Wounded or gassed

** = Died of disease or accident

** = Killed in battle or died of wounds

There are several different spellings for many of the surnames included. Researchers are encouraged to check all possible spellings.    

Non-service members identified by initial only (given name) may be male or female.  

For lookups, contact ALHN-Wyo. When requesting a search, please provide the name of the book, the page number from the index, and the name of the person you are researching. Photocopies of book pages will not be mailed; transcripts of entries will be emailed along with an attachment containing a photograph of the service member, if available.

Note: This book is currently out of print. Copies can occasionally be found on Internet auction sites.

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