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OBITUARIES (see also individual counties)

Wyoming Obituaries, 1983-1985, Volume 1

Wyoming Obituaries, 1983-1985, Volume 2

Wyoming Obituaries, 1983-1985, Volume 3

Wyoming Obituaries, 1998: A-G

Wyoming Obituaries, 1998: H-Q

Wyoming Obituaries, 1998: R-Z

Wyoming Obituaries, 1999

Wyoming Obituary Links


Center For Land Use Interpretation

Daughters of the American Revolution: Wyoming State Society

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War: Wyoming Department

Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association

History of Freemasonry in Wyoming

History of the Wyoming Society of CPAs

International Order of Odd Fellows: Wyoming

Key Moments in Wyoming FFA History

Wyoming Association of Fairs

Wyoming Cattle Women

Wyoming Federation of Women's Clubs

Wyoming Native Plant Society

Wyoming Rural Development Council

Wyoming State Historical Society

Wyoming Women's Business Directory

Wyoming Women's Foundation



Beginnings of an Outlaw: The Sundance Kid

Butch and Sundance Bibliography

Butch and Sundance Died in Bolivia

Butch Cassidy and the Law Firm

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy: Tom Horn in Pursuit

Butch Cassidy's Last Job in Wyoming

Did Butch Cassidy Return? His Family Can't Decide

Etta Place: A Most Wanted Woman

Firearms of the Old West: Weapons of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Grave Doubts

Harvey Logan a.k.a. Kid Curry

Harvey Logan and Wife: Photo

History Channel vs. History

Hole in the Wall Country

Hole in the Wall Fight

Important Dates in Wild Bunch History

Kid Curry: The Wildest of the Bunch

Last Days of Butch and Sundance

Logan-Hoak-Thornhill Letters

Our Boy Butch

Outlaw David Lant

Outlaw Who Got Away -- Or Did He?, Part One

Outlaw Who Got Away -- Or Did He?, Part Two

Outlaw Who Got Away -- Or Did He?, Part Three

Photos of Train Robbery

Secret Link with the Wild Bunch

Sheriff's Posse at Tipton: Photo

Sundance & Etta in New York: Photo

Sundance Kid

Sundance Kid Kin

Tom Vernon: Butch Cassidy Came Back

Train Robbery, 1899

Who Are Those Guys?

Wilcox Train Robbery

Harvey Logan: Wildest of the Wild Bunch

Wyoming Bandit Gang's Yell Same as Western Doughboy's Battle Slogan ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Your Times Is Over: Butch Cassidy and the Passing of the Outlaw West


1900: More Trouble Ahead

Butch Cassidy: Tom Horn in Pursuit

History of Tom Horn

Horn vs Hollywood

Saga of the West: Who Were Tom Horn's Victims

Saga of Tom Horn: The Story of a Cattleman's War

School Bells and Winchesters: The Sad Saga of Glendolene Myrtle Kimmell

Tom Horn: Biography

Tom Horn: The Man Who Hanged Himself

Tom Horn: Misunderstood Misfit

Tom Horn Story

Willie Nickell Gravesite

Wyoming Photographs: Tom Horn


Frank Wolcott

Historic Photos of the Johnson County War

Inventory of the Johnson County War Collection, Texas A&M University

Joe LeFors Gravesite

Johnson County Cattle War

Johnson County War

Johnson County War Against Nate Champion and the "Red Sash Gang"

King of Cowboys

Major Wolcott's List of Guns Used by the Johnson County War Invaders

Mike Shonsey & the War on Powder River

Nate Champion Gravesite

TA Ranch and the Johnson County War

William "Red" Angus Gravesite


Albert Bothwell

Carbon County Outlaws: Cattle Kate

Cattle Kate: Mystery of a Lynching

Cattle Kate: Mystery Lives On

Ella Watson: Lynching of My Great Aunt

James Averell

Lynching of Cattle Kate


Big Nose George

Crook Who Grew Up to Be a Shoe

Outlaw Proved Hanging Was No Sure Thing


Bad Men of the West

Bill Booth, Notorious Slayer ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Cemetery Excavation Reveals Gunslinger's Grave

Day of the Gunfighter

Doc Middleton Gravesite

Doc Middleton, Road Agent and Bandit ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Earl Durand and the Robbery of the First National Bank of Powell

Facts About the Spring Creek Raid

George Pike Gravesite

Hate State Myth: Hate Crime in Wyoming

Lacey's Legacy

Legendary Earl Durand

Loving Cecile: Strange Case of Stanley Lantzer

Lynching of "Big Steve" Long

Rodeo Champion Wanted for Robbery and Murder

Silver Creek Sheep Raid ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Spring Creek Raid

Wyoming's Rip-Roaring Past: Railroad & Outlaws


Bad & the Good: Joe Horner & Frank Canton

Charles Siringo

Charlie Siringo

Charlie Siringo, Pinkerton Detective

Frank Canton

Joe LeFors Gravesite

Law & Justice Come to Yellowstone

Malcolm Campbell

Malcolm Campbell, 1839-1932

National Association for Outlaw and Lawman History

Western Outlaw Lawman History Association


Before the Needles: Executions in Wyoming

Early 20th Century Engendered Landscape: A Case Study of the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins Wyoming

History of the Wyoming Department of Corrections

Moving Time at the "Big House"

Wyoming Department of Corrections: A History

Wyoming Frontier Prison

Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site

Wyoming Territory and State Lynchings 1874-1918



Antiquities Act of 1906

Blood Analysis of Ancient Stone Tools Reveal Clues to Prehistoric Subsistence Patterns in Yellowstone

Bone Wars

Geological History of Wyoming

George C. Frison Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology

Glenrock Paleontological Museum

Great Fossil Feud

Hot Times in the Big Horn Basin

Late Archean Structural and Metamorphic History of the Wind River Range: Evidence for a Long-Lived Active Margin on the Archean Wyoming Craton

Native Americans and Cultural Resource Management: The View From Wyoming (page 20)

Old Time Bone Hunt: An Account of the Expedition Undertaken by Prof. O. C. Marsh in 1870 to the Then Wild West.

Paleomagnetic ... Geochronologic Data From Late Proterozoic Mafic Dikes and Sills, Wyoming

Stones and "Bones" Set by William (Billy) Octavius Owen

Tate Geological Museum

University of Wyoming Geological Museum

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Wyoming's Prehistoric Past

Yellowstone Paleontological Survey


Bad Pass: A Ten Thousand Year Old Highway

Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site

Colby Clovis Mammoth Kill Site

Discovery of the Ferris Outlier

Fossil Butte National Monument

Geophysics for Archaeology Assessment: Fort William Discovered?

Green River Formation Fossils

Legend Rock Petroglyph Site

Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site

Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site

Obsidian Cliff National Historic Landmark

Osprey Beach Locality: A Cody Complex Occupation On the South Shore of West Thumb

Paleontology and Paleoecology of the Culminating Phase of Eocene Fossil Lake, Fossil Butte National Monument, Wyoming

Pedro Mountains Mummy

Prehistoric Peoples of Jackson Hole

Public Education Benefits of an Archaeological Mitigation Project at Powder River Coal Company's North Antelope Mine

Red Gulch Dinosaur TrackSite

Sliding Scale: Geology of Wyoming's Table Mountain

Small Town in Wyoming Is a Haven for Fossil Fans

Vore Buffalo Jump

Wardell Buffalo Trap

Walk Through Time at Fossil Butte: Historical Geology of the Green River Formation at Fossil Butte National Monument

Wyoming Fossils Shake Up Views of Early Primate Migration

Wyoming's Garden of Eden

RANCHING (see also individual counties)


Cowboy Firsts and Chronology

Cowboy Genealogists: Brands in Wyoming


Cowboys Form a Health Cooperative: The Fetterman Hospital Association and Health Care Coverage on the Range

Diary of a Wyoming Cowgirl

Eaton's Ranch History


On the Ranch: Cowboy Story Index

Powder River Let 'Er Buck; Term "Invented" By a Range Cowboy in Wyoming

Virginian Meets Matt Shepherd


Historic Photos of Cattle Drives

Cattle Ranchers of Jackson Hole

Early Cattle in Wyoming

First Montana Cattle Drive

Swan Land and Cattle Company Headquarters National Historic Landmark

Texas Trail Museum

Tom Sun Gravesite

Tom Sun Ranch National Historic Landmark

Uphill and Against the Wind: Cattle Ranching in Wyoming

Wyoming Cattle Women

Wyoming Livestock Board

Wyoming Stock Growers Association


Facts About the Spring Creek Raid

Sheepherder, His Dog and His Radio

Silver Creek Sheep Raid ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Spring Creek Raid

Historic Photos of Wyoming Shepherding

Wyoming Wool Growers Association


Aesthetics of Built Landscape

Aesthetics of Dude Ranching

Be Our Guest: Dude Ranching in Wyoming

Biography of the Eaton Ranch and Its Ranchers

Comparison of Dude Ranch Activities Between 1930s and Today

Dude Ranch Advertising

Dude Ranching: Brief History

Dude Wrangling in Jackson Hole

Eaton's Ranch History

History of Dude Ranches

Impact of Technology on Dude Ranching, 1940-1970

One Hundred Years of Saddles Dudes: Eaton's Ranch

Portrayal of Dude Ranches

Revisiting the Mythic Old West: Dude Ranching in America

Songs, Adventures and Horses: Activities on Wyoming Dude Ranches

Tourism and Dude Ranching in Wyoming: Triangle X Ranch Case Study

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association

Wyoming Dude Ranches

RELIGION & CHURCHES (see also individual counties)


"Black Robe" Father DeSmet

Diocese of Cheyenne and the State of Wyoming

For Wyoming's Children: A Half Century History of St Joseph's Children's Home, 1930-1980

History of the Catholic Church in Wyoming

History of the Catholic Schools in Wyoming

Knights of Columbus: A History of the Wyoming State Council

Missionary Life

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia: Wyoming

Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in Wyoming Since 1875

Succession of de jure Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions [over Wyoming), 1493-1851


Big Horn Medicine Wheel

Jews of Wyoming: Fringe of the Diaspora

Keeping Up With the Changing World

Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark

Mormons in the Big Horn Basin ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Sherman Coolidge

Welcome to Wyoming Churches

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