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Adabbo, Guiseppe d January 9, 1907; Italian section hand; aged 28 years; Died from a fractured skull after 3 months sickness; Buried S 1/2 of NW 1/4, lot 33, block R

Adams, Jacob d March 14, 1908; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 97, block S

Adams, John D d June 2, 1893; Ranchman on Lower Tongue River; aged about 40 years; Murdered by Wm. L. Jones on Young’s Creek, Pennoyer’s Ranch, by a number of gunshots and cutting of throat; Buried in grave on S 9 ft of lot 51, block I

Addleman, Nannie bur December 20, 1892; Daughter of William Bud and Olive C. Addleman; Born on Rapid Creek July 7, 1889; Died of typhoid fever on Rapid Creek Jan 10, 1890; aged 6mo; Body removed to grave 6 ft S of NW corner, lot 37, block I

Addleman, Nora D d September 19, 1898; Daughter of Thomas L. & Etta Addleman; Born on Big Goose Creek June 3, 1898; Died from cholera infantum; aged 3m, 16d; Buried in grave 3 ft N of S line on SW 1/4, lot 37, block I

Addleman, William December 19, 1892; Born in Green Co, PA, December 15, 1817; Lived in different counties in MO; came to Sheridan Co 1891; Father of the Addleman brothers near Beckton; Died on Rapid Creek; aged 76y, 4d; Buried in grave in NW corner, lot 37, block I

Akin, Infant bur August 12, 1901; Infant child of Thirst W. Akin; Buried on lot 32, block F

Alderson, Lewis d January 20, 1907; Died at Sheridan; Buried W 1/2, lot 9, block 1

Allen, E d June 8, 1906 (abt); Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 9, block, 2, first addition

Allen, Jon W d July 15, 1905; Rancher; died of pneumonia at Soldier Creek; age 45; Buried W 1/2, lot 11, block 2, first addition

Allen, Thomas (alias) d December 26, 1895; Born in Kentucky; came to Sheridan in 1892; Worked on bridge force, Killpatrick Brothers & Collins; Died from laudanum (suicide) in Murry’s Saloon, Grinnell Add; Buried in grave 7 ft from S line, W 1/2, lot 34, block S; Deeded to J. A. Jones (No. 15)

Aminski, Felix d October 26, 1906; Miner; died of typhoid fever at Dietz, Wyoming; aged 32 years; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 33, block R

Amski, Mrs Adam d April 9, 1908; Died of tuberculosis at Dietz; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 8, block 5

Anderson, F bur April 5, 1901; Buried in SE 1/4, lot 38, block S

Anderson, Infant d February 7, 1908; Infant of Mike Anderson; stillborn at Carneyville; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 19, block 2, first addition

Andrews, William d September 4, 1907; Miner; died of typhoid fever at Dietz; aged 23 years; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 18, block 2, first addition

Angore, William d August 8, 1894 (Killed by a rock slide at Dead Man’s Point in Tongue River Flume, Tongue River canyon; Buried in 2nd grave from S line on SW 1/4, lot 54, block H; Deeded to F. J. McShane, Omaha, Nebraska

Aretan, Infant d February 2, 1906 (abt); Baby of J H. Ireton; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 1, block 3, first addition

Armstrong, H C d March 18, 1908; Saloon keeper; died of pneumonia at Sheridan; aged 48 years; Buried lot 54, block I

Armstrong, Hilda d August 27, 1893; Died in Sheridan from effects of a stage turnover; aged 27 years; Buried in grave along N line of SE 1/4, lot 34, block S

Ashley, Infant d May 22, 1906; Infant of J. J. Ashley; died at Sheridan; aged 2 months; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 9, block 2, first addition

Aspass, Thomas S bur December 13, 1902; Resident of Sheridan; Buried SE 1/4, lot 35, block S

Austin, Anna Fordice d February 25, 1896; Wife of John Austin; born in Danville Quebec Aug 7, 1855; Married at Cedarville Kansas Jul 1, 1873; Died in South Park addition from childbirth; aged 40y, 6m, 18d; Buried in grave 8 ft from S line on SW 1/4, lot 15, block H


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