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Bachus, Rachel d July 26, 1905; Widow; died of heart disease at Sheridan; age 52y, 10m; Buried lot 7, Block B

Bain, James d August 20, 1894 (abt); Died in Sheridan (original) from consumption; Aged about 45 or 50 years; H C Alger administrator of estate; Buried in grave 4 from S line on SW 1/4, lot 70, block S

Baker, ? d June 26, 1896 (abt); Died in Neilson Heights and left a family; Buried in grave 15 ft from S line on E1/2, lot 52, block H; Deeded IOOF Lodge No 19

Baker, Mrs E A bur March 5, 1901; Wife of A E Baker; died of typhoid at Experimental Farm; Buried E 1/2, lot 6, block I, second grave

Bardwell, Mister d April 7, 1906; Widower; aged 60 years; Funeral services held by the Masons; buried on their ground

Barnett, Infant Twins bur September 24, 1902; Infant child twins of Bennett Barnett of Sheridan; Buried Lot 55, block S

Barnette, King David bur February 23m 1903; Infant child of D H Barnette, colored; Buried SW 1/4, lot 83, block S

Bartling, Mrs Eugene d March 8, 1907; Died at Sheridan; Buried E 1/2, lot 20, block 1, first addition

Bartlonge, Infant d April 13, 1907; Infant of Jim Bartlonge; died at Monarch; Buried SW 1/8, lot 39, block R

Barton, R W bur November 12, 1902; Resident of Arvada; died of gunshot wound; Buried Lot 24, block S

Bass, M L d December 12, 1906 (abt); Printer; died at Sheridan; Buried NE 1/8, lot 19, block 2, first addition

Bates, Ruby Pearl d July 31, 1904; Died in Dayton; aged 2; Moved to Sheridan in 1907

Bean, Infant d February 17, 1895 (abt); Child of J L & Alma Bean; Born and die din Neilson Heights; Buried in grave 2 ft from S line on SW 1/4, lot 80, block S

Beatty, Mary A Longsbrake d November 9, 1899; Wife of James A Beatty; married in Sheridan Jan 13, 1898; Born in Hancock Co, Ohio, September 3, 1859; Died in Western Addition from childbirth; aged 40y, 2m, 6d; Buried in grave 6 ft N of S line on SW 1/4, lot 23, block S

Beaver, Infant d October 24, 1905; Baby of J L Beaver; died of stomach trouble; aged 11 days; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 2, block 1, first addition

Becker, Maria A Clark d April 29, 1895; Wife of James A Becker; married in Minnesota; Born in Mercer Co PA, September 11, 1840; Came to Sheridan in 1889; aged 54y, 7m, 18d; Died in Held Addition from complication of diseases; Buried in grave 2 ft from S line, lot 9, block H; 

Beckwith, Hertha d January 13, 1906; Died of tuberculosis at Sheridan, aged 40 years; Buried lot 76, block R

Beecher, Katie (Hyle) d December 5, 1896; Daughter of Louis & Martha A Beecher; known as Katie Hyle; Born in Marysville KS, March 25, 1884; lived at Parkman; Died at Occidental, Grinnell Addition from Brights disease and heart trouble; aged 12y, 8m, 10d; Buried in grave 3 ft S from N line on NW 1/4, lot 75, block R

Bell, Sadie d April 29, 1896; Daughter of S D & Laura Bell; Born in Sheridan July 18, 1895; aged 9m, 11d; Buried in grave 2 ft from N line on W1/2, lot 57, block R

Bell, Sam d November 27, 1905; Stockman; died of apoplexy at Billings MT; aged 51 years; Funeral at Sheridan

Bell, Sammy d May 21, 1907; Died of meningitis in Sheridan; Probably buried in S D Bellís lot, No 57, block R

Beloit, Child bur December 26, 1901; Child of F W Beloit; Buried NE 1/4, lot 56, block S

Bennett, Elvira Kay bur January 13, 1903; Wife of Walter H Bennett; died of peritonitis; aged 31 years; Buried W 1/2, lot 72, block P

Bennett, Viola E bur November 9, 1901; Wife of W H Bennett; Buried E 1/2, lot 72, block P

Benson, Sivan d September 1, 1898; Supposed to be a Swede; about 45 years old; Died at Burlington Sheridan section house from consumption; Buried in grave on S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 70, block S

Bergh, Sigurd B d March17, 1908; Engineer at Tie Plant; drowned in vat at Tie Plant; aged 25 years; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 8, block 5, first addition

Berry, Child bur Jul 19, 1903; Child of F G Berry of Alger; Buried NW 1/8, lot 88, block S

Bessie, Child bur August 18, 1903; Son of John Bessie; Buried NE 1/4, lot 42, block S

Bethurem, Florence d May 28, 1901; Daughter of Mr & Mrs George Bethurem of Prairie Dog; Died of heart disease & dropsy; age 11y, 11m; Buried in third grave, lot 55, block I

Bethuren, Eliza A d July 11, 1895; Daughter of William M & Francis Bethuren; Born in Camden Co, MO April 19, 1880; aged 15y, 2m, 22d; Died in Kilbourne Addition from spinal disease; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line, lot 57, block I

Biever, Katherine Wife of Jacob Biever; age 54y, 5m, 18d; Died of fatty degeneration d April 7, 1900; of the heart; Buried lot 18, block R

Bishop, Ella May bur February 13, 1903; Wife of Al Bishop Jr Of Sheridan; died at Salt Lake City; Buried W 1/2, Lot 20, block A

Bishop, Joseph C d October 22, 1895; Born in London, England, 1832; came to U S at early age; Married 1871; wife died 1885; member of Warnerís Orchestra; Conducted the Pioneer Business Agency; aged about 63 years; Died on steps of Cady Building, Grinnell, Addn, heart disease

Bishop, Nellie Wilson d March 31, 1898; Wife of Alfred Bishop Sr; born in Glasgow Scotland in 1838; Came to New York City in 1860; Married in Philadelphia June 28, 1866; to Sheridan Co 1882; Died on Prairie Dog Creek; aged 60 years; Buried in grave 10 ft from N line on W 1/2, lot 21, block A 

Bishop, William H bur May 6, 1898; Son of Alfred Sr & Nellie Bishop (deceased); aged 17 years; Born in Philadelphia, PA, April 20,1867; to Sheridan Co in 1882; Died on Prairie Dog Creek from accidental injuries in 1884; Body removed from Bishop ranch to grave 4 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 21, block A

Blake, Bertha S d August 9, 1906; Librarian; died of cancer at Sheridan; age 39 years; Buried N 1/2, lot 39, block F

Boal, H S bur October 29, 1902; Husband of Alta Cody Boal; Buried in Lot 7, block F

Bonham, Infant d February 3, 1900; Infant child of A E Bonham; died in Sheridan; Buried on lot 39, block I

Bowen, D L d May 24, 1906; Widower; died at Sheridan; aged 86y, 6m, 23d; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 8, block 1, first addition

Boyd, Mrs Frank R bur September 20, 1904; Wife of Frank R Boyd; daughter of Mr Cover; Sister of Mrs Dan Woods & Essie Cover; Buried lot 23, block F

Bralog, Chas bur January 5, 1902; Resident of Dietz; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 73, block R

Brambel, Child bur September 6, 1903; Daughter of E E Brambel; Buried Lot 38, block P

Bray, Theodore bur March 25, 1902; Buried by Fred Johnson of Council Bluffs, Iowa; Buried SE 1/8, lot 52, block S

Breckenridge, May Wright d February 9, 1895; Born in West Union, Ohio; aged 70y, 3m; Wife of S M Breckenridge; Died in Sheridan Co from rheumatism and paralysis; Buried in grave 7 ft form N line, lot 93, block S

Breckenridge, R Lee d October 26, 1893; Son of S M & Mary W Breckenridge; Born in Sarpy Co, NE; aged 24y, 3m; Died in Gordon NE from typhoid fever; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line on E 1/2, lot 93, block S

Brenen, Violet d June 20, 1907; Died of Diphtheria in Sheridan; aged 2y, 4m; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 19, block 2, first addition

Brennen, R C d January 19, 1907; Died at Sheridan; Buried SE 1/2, lot 17, block 2, first addition

Bresky, Infant d September 28, 1906 (abt); Resident of Monarch; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 31, block A

Brink, Frank A d October 1893; Possibly named F A Twadill; inquest filed October 7, 1893; Found dead in back room in Diamond Saloon; In grave 5, row 3, lots 73 & 74, block S

Briski, James d December 24, 1907; Miner; died at Dietz; aged 38 years; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 53, block R

Britton, Infant d September 5, 1898; Son of J & Gladis I Britton; born & died in Sheridan (original); Buried in grave 1-1/2 ft N of S line of SE 1/4, lot 50, block S

Brooks, Norman M d 1899 (abt); Son of Lyman Brooks

Brooks, Sadie bur August 3, 1901; Wife of Charley J Brooks; Buried on W 1/2, lot 79, block P

Brown, Infant d December 8, 1898; Son of Thomas C & Annie Brown; Born & died at Higby (reside in Sheridan Land Coís Addn); Buried in grave 1-1/2 ft S of N line on NW 1/4, lot 52, block S

Brown, Infant d December 31, 1906; Baby of George Brown; died at Sheridan; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 9, block 2, first addition

Brown, Robb d April 11, 1907; Miner; killed by an accident in Majestic, Colorado; Brother of Joe Brown of Dietz, Wyoming

Brundage, Mary Ellen Hall d March 5, 1905; Wife of George Brundage; leaves 6 children; aged 68y, 20d; Born at Lambersville, NJ, Febraury 13, 1837; died in Sheridan; Buried March 6, 1905 in lot 12, block B

Bryce, Albert d September 3, 1900; Son of Ernest & Sophie Bryce; aged 6m, 1w, 2d; Died in Sheridan of cholera infantum and pneumonia; Buried in SE 1/4, lot 43, block S

Bucher, J W (Billy) d November 24, 1898; Son of W A & ? Bucher, North Bend, Nebraska; Died at Towns Hotel from heart failure; aged about 35 years; Buried in grave on S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 54, block S

Buckels, L E d August 20, 1895; Died in Alger Addition; aged about 45 years; Buried in grave 4 ft from S line on SE 1/4, lot 70, block S

Buckley, Henry Y d February 9, 1892; Son of James N & Elizabeth Buckley; Born in Iowa Co, WI; aged 13y, 11m; Accidently killed by gun shot on Cat Creek, Sheridan Co; Buried in grave 5 ft N from S line, lot 18, block H

Buckner, W G bur February 17, 1902; Child; Buried W 1/2, lot 58, block P

Burgess, Child d August 4, 1908; Child of H C Burgess, female; aged 14 days

Burgess, Mrs H L bur June 8, 1901; Wife of Hyram Lee Burgess; Buried in grave 2, lot 19, block S

Burkett, K M d April 29, 1906; Died at Sheridan; aged 59 years; Buried Lot 15, block F

Burnie, Fred d December 24, 1892;  (abt)Born in Ohio; died in Sheridan from pneumonia; Formerly time keeper for Killpatrick Brothers & Collins; Buried in grave 2 ft N of S line on W 1/2, lot 34, block S; Deeded to J A Jones (No 15)

Burnside, Caroline Williams d March 21, 1897; Born in Osenberg, NY August 1841; brought up in Chicago; Wife of John M Burnside, formerly Mrs Odell; Came to Sheridan Co in 1883 and lived in Mead Creek; Died in Sheridan from womb troubles; aged 55y, 7m; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line on SE1/4, lot 83, block S

Burnside, John M d September 7, 1897; Born in Kentucky about September 1839; Served 5-1/2 years in Co B, 2nd Missouri Cavalry; Came to Sheridan Co in 1882 and lived on Mead Creek; Died in Sheridan from softening of the brain; aged 58 years; Buried on S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 83, block S

Burrows, Helen L d November 7, 1891; Daughter of A S & Catherine L Burrows; Born in Sheridan (original) July 28, 1891; Died from congestion of the lungs; aged 3m, 9d; Buried in grave in center of W 1/2, lot 7, block H

Butterfield, George d January 30, 1908; Carpenter; died in Sheridan; aged 54 years; Buried by Eagles, Carpenters and Woodmen

Butterfield, Roy d January 18, 1906; Died of diabetes at Sheridan; aged 6y, 6m, 3d; Buried W 1/2, lot 67, block R

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