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Failleur, Jean d May 31, 1899; Born October 15, 1836 in France; widow Catherine Hentton; Died at [?] on Rosebud from rheumatism; aged 62y, 7m, 16d; Buried in grave 2 ft N of S line on SE 1/4, lot 74, block R

Farikoff, Clifford d August 20, 1907; Son of John Farikoff; died of diphtheria; aged 5 years; Buried W 8 ft, lot 39, block S

Farikoff, Deurina d October 10, 1906; Daughter of John Farikoff; died of lung trouble at Dietz; age 2

Fauver, Myra d March 7, 1907; Died of exhaustion at Cheyenne Wyoming; aged 62 years; Buried W 1/2, lot 10, block 1, first addition

Fedderson, Floyd d March 28, 1907; Died of heart failure in Sheridan; aged 12 years; Buried lot 2, block 5, first addition

Fennelson, Infant d December 20, 1897; Son of Fred & Minnie Fennelson; Born and died near Sam Atkinsonís place; Buried 10 ft N from S line on W 1/2, lot 42, block H

Ferguson, Alger L d August 15, 1891; Son of James W & Jane M Ferguson; born in Sheridan Co; age 6y; Drowned accidently in Sheridan Mill Race (Rhodes Farm); Buried in grave N of center on lot 22, block H

Ferguson, James W d May 5, 1892; Born in Canada; served in U S Army during Rebellion; Member of Sheridan G A R Post; Connected with Sheridan Man Co at time of death; Married to Jane M Alexander; aged 46y; Died of consumption in Rhodes Farm Co Addition; Buried in grave 3 ft N from S line, lot 22, block H

Ferguson, Jennie Chifera bur March 20, 1904; Wife of James E Ferguson; died of consumption; Born April 5, 1864 at Iowa City, Iowa; Buried W 1/2, lot 71, block P

Ferries, Infant d December 7, 1894; Child of Benjamin Ferries; Buried 1 ft from N line on NE 1/4, lot 88, block S

Fidek, Child d August 21, 1908; Son of Joe Fidek; aged 10 months; Died of summer complaint at Dietz No 5

Filmore, Mrs d September 5, 1907; Died in Sheridan; aged 42 years; Buried W 1/2, lot 15, block 2, first addition

Findahl, William d Feb 11, 1893; Son of John L & Nannie Findahl; Born at Rapid Creek July 21, 1892; age 6m, 11d; Died at Rapid Creek from men croup; Buried in grave 1 foot from S line, lot 41, block I

Fint, Infant d 1893 or 1895; Child of R C Fint; Buried in grave 6 ft form N line on S 1/2, lot 83, block S

Fint, Louis d October 17, 1893; Son of R C Fint; Born October 10, 1893; aged 7 days; Buried in grave 2 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 83, block S

Flannery, Infant d March 24, 1907 (abt); Baby of J J Flannery; died at Carneyville; aged one day; Buried SE 1/8, lot 37, block R

Fleischer, Martz d November 4, 1907; Died at Sheridan; aged 53 years; Buried Lot 4, block 5, first addition

Fleming, Eva d March 11, 1908; Daughter of George Fleming; died at Carneyville; aged 3 years; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 20, block 2, first addition

Florida, Laura A Gassway d March 6, 1898; Wife of James Florida (deceased); mother of Arthur A Florida; Born in Vanceburg, Ken, Jan 16, 1825; aged 63y, 1m, 20d; Married in Ken, lived in Ken, Ohio, Minn, S Dak & Ia; Came to Sheridan November 1897; Died in Gilletteís 2nd Addition from Bronchitis; Buried in grave on middle of E1/2, lot 46, block S

Ford, Harold d October 17, 1906; Son of J A Ford; died of stomach trouble; aged 6m, 5d; Buried S 1/2, NE /4, lot 9, block 2, first addition

Fordice, Arthur W d March 31, 1896; Son of John L (deceased) and Martha Clark Fordice; Born at Waterloo, Quebec, January 30, 1862; to Sheridan in 1880; Suicided (gunshot) on Mead Creek; aged 34y, 2m, 1d; Buried in grave 8 ft form S line on SE 1/4, lot 15, block H

Forest, Dona d January 25, 1895; Adopted daughter of Mr & Mrs Walter Forest; aged 5m; Parentage unknown; child found at Sheridan Roller Mills; Buried in grave 6 ft S from N line on NE 1/4, lot 53, block H; Deeded Sheridan Lodge No 19, IOOF

Foss, Charles d October 23, 1905; Burned at hospital; aged 29 years; died at Sheridan

Foy, Ang d September 1892 (abt); Born at San Ling, China; Buried in grave ?, lot 72, block S

Francis, Child bur December 20, 1901; Child of W G Francis; Buried on NW 1/8, lot 49, block S

Frank, Child bur September 22, 1902; Child of E J Frank; Buried NW 1/4, lot 37, block S

Frank, Infant d April 21, 1907; Infant of E J Frank

Fryberger, Sarah Weeks d September 17, 1897; Wife of Harvey E Fryberger; married in Sheridan Dec 27, 1896; Born in Mitchell Co, IA, January 12, 1878; to Sheridan in 1893; Died in South Park Addition from brain fever; aged 19y, 8m, 5d; Buried in grave 7 ft from N line, lot 2, block E

Fuller, Lu d January 23, 1907; Resident of Monarch; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 95, block S

Furguson, Harry d October 27, 1905 (abt); Died at Sheridan; age one month; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 58, block S

Gales, Joseph d November 24, 1907; Miner; died of pneumonia at Dietz; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 13, block S

Gallagher, Eugene P d August 8, 1894 (abt); Killed by a rock slide at Dead Manís Point in Tongue River Flume, Tongue River canyon; Buried in grave on 2 ft N from S line, E end, lot 52, block H; Deeded to F J McShane, Omaha, Nebraska

Gallant, Mrs N H bur September 31, 1904; Mother of Mrs Fala Pierce; Buried Lot 1, block B

Gallop, Mrs d September 28,1 905; Died of stomach trouble at Sheridan; aged 59 years

Garrard, Mrs Guy bur February 21, 1902; Wife of Guy Garrard; Buried Lot 4, block S

Gerard, Infants d March 5, 1896 (abt); Twin children of James & Mary Gerard; one coffin; Born and died at Higby (son and daughter); Buried in grave 1 ft from S line on SE 1/4, lot 79k block S

Gerto, Mat d March 5, 1908; Miner; died from a broken back at Dietz; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 30, block R

Gilday, James bur January 15, 1904; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 61, block R

Gildroy, John bur November 16, 1901; Resident of Dietz, Wyoming; Buried SW 1/8, lot 53, block S

Gillam, Patrick d October 19, 1907; Married; died of Brights disease at Dietz; aged 32 years; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 32, block R

Gillan, Infant d February 10, 1906 (abt); Baby of Patrick & Beatrice Gillan; died at Dietz; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 32, block R

Gillespie, Mrs J H bur November 27, 1903; Second wife of Rev J H Gillespie; mother of Syras Carpenter; Buried lot 8, block B in replatted part of block B

Gillette, Edward C d February 11, 1899; Son of Edward & Hallie C Gillette; Born in South Park Addition January 11, 1899; Died from bronchitis; aged 1 month; Buried in grave 7 ft S from N corner, lot 1, block I

Good, Mrs John d January 1, 1907 (abt); Resident of Monarch; Buried NW 1/8, lot 8, block 2, first addition

Googitzgow, Infant d March 3, 1908; Died at Carneyville

Graff, Jacob H d Died October 29, 1898; Born in Hagerstown, Md June 12, 1818; Uncle Herman; Remained single; came to Sheridan Co in 1886; Resided on the P K Ranch; Died in South Park Addition from paralysis; aged 80y, 4m, 17d; Buried in grave 2 ft S of N line on NE1/4, lot 50, block S

Granger, Child d March 21, 1907; Boy child of W A Granger of Soldier Creek; Buried lot 9, block F

Granski, Child d February 25, 1906; Child of Granski; died at Sheridan; aged 2 months; Buried W 1/2, lot 54, block R

Grasko, Charles d January 17, 1907; Miner; married; died at Dietz from pneumonia; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 31, block R

Green, David P d June 21, 1905; Died of gunshot wound at Clearmont; aged 21y, 1d; Buried Lot 35, block H

Green, Robert Bruce d March 11, 1900; Born in Bruce Co, Ky; age 29 years; Buried on SE corner, lot 51, block S

Gremski, Joseph bur March 17, 1905; Son of Stamstom & Mary Gremski; Buried NW 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 54, block R

Griffith, Celia d May 30, 1906; Wife of Griff Griffith; died of typhoid fever at Dietz; aged 27; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 95, block S

Griffiths, F d May 17, 1907

Grinnell, Marion Winnie d August 21, 1894; Daughter of Cornelius H & Clara H Grinnell; Born in Geneva IL, October 11, 1877; Came to Sheridan Co in 1883;Aged 16y, 10m, 10d; Died at the Grinnell Residence from Brights Disease; Buried on middle & 18 ft E from W point on lot 9, block A

Groat, Henry L d August 12, 1898; Son of Eugene & Ellen Groat; Born at Higby October 16, 1897; Died at Higby from cholera infantum; Buried in grave 2 ft N of S line on SW 1/4, lot 42, block S

Gursek, Child d August 21, 1908; Son of Louis Gursek; died at Dietz; aged 3m, 15d

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