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Halbert, Emmet E d February 24, 1899; Son of Calvin B & Laura F Halbert; aged 9y, 7m, 12d; Born in Wheatland, Mo, July 12, 1889; to Sheridan 1891; Died in Thurmond 1st Addn from unknown cause (suddenly); Buried in grave 3 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 5, block E

Haliday, Infant d August 11, 1893; Daughter of Fred & Nellie Haliday; Died in Sheridan (original); Buried in grave 5, row 2, lots 73 & 74, block S

Hall, Infant d December 18, 1898; Son of George W & Martha E Hall; Born in Ranchester December 11, 1898; buried on 7+ Ranch; Removed to grave 3 ft N of S line on SW corner, lot 58, block I

Halley, Infant d 1907; Baby of John Halley; Buried on Paddie Walsh’s lot

Hamilton, John A d August 29, 1895; Served in U S Army during rebellion; stonemason by trade; Killed accidently on railroad about 2 miles E of Sheridan; Buried by G A R Post in grave 18 ft from N line and 3 ft from W line, block N

Hamm, Child d July 2, 1906; Dragged to death by pony; aged 5 years; Buried lot 1, block 2, first addition

Haney, August d February 27, 1907; Miner; died at Monarch; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 20, block 2, first addition

Hanna, Josephine d February 8, 1897; Daughter of Oliver P & Dora M Hanna; Born in South Park Addition October 1, 1896; Died from la grip and pneumonia; aged 4m, 7d; Buried in grave 1-1/2 ft S from N line on NW 1/4, lot 6, block E

Hansen, Christina bur February 23, 1901; Buried in center of E 1/2, lot 51, block S

Hantula, John d November 30, 1906 (abt); Miner; died at Dietz, Wyoming; Buried NE 1/8, lot 176, block 2, first addition

Hardee, Lyda bur November 12, 1903; Wife of Parrie Hardee; Mother of Mrs Clifton, Mrs Dane and Lottie Hardee; Moved from old cemetery to lot 30 block F

Harden, Child bur April 2, 1902; Child of H Harden; Buried SE 1/4, lot 49, block S

Hardin, Stella d October 31, 1905; Died of appendicitis at Prairie Dog; aged 19 years; Buried E 1/2, lot 43, block F

Harding, Levi W d November 15, 1899; Son of George & Ruth A Harding; Born in Sheridan April 21, 1895; aged 4y, 6m, 24d; Died in Sunnyside Addition; murdered by Mrs Harding; Buried in grave 9 ft N of S line, lot 5, block I

Harding, Ruth A Crist d November 15, 1899; Wife of George Harding; Born at Pierson Station, Monetree Co, Ill, Feb 17, 1863; Married in Minden, Neb, Sep 8, 1881; to Sheridan Dec 1894; Died in Sunnyside Addition, suicide; aged 36y, 8m, 28d; Buried in grave 6 ft N from S line, lot 5, block I

Harper, John bur November 27, 1901; Resident of Banner, Wyoming; Buried SE 1/4, lot 56, block S

Harris, Benjamin d May 27, 1895; Son of Schuyler & Maggie Harris; aged 2y, 4m, 29d; Born at Ft Cook, Sarpy Co, Nebraska, December 28, 1893; Came to Sheridan in 1895; Died in Sheridan Land Co Addition from inflammation of stomach and bowels; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 34, block R

Harris, Mrs Roby d May 17, 1907; Died from a hemorrhage in Sheridan; age 22 years; Buried Lot 33, block I

Hart, Lizzie d April 22, 1907; Died of diphtheria; aged 4y, 4m; Buried by county at S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 10, block 2, first addition

Hartsell, Mrs A L bur February 22, 1904; Buried West center 1/4, lot 14, block S

Hawkins, Infant d February 28, 1899; Son of Daniel A & Maria E Hawkins; Born & died in Rhodes Farm Co Addition; Buried 1 ft S of N line, 17 ft E of NW corner, lot 20, block H

Hay, Bertha d March 12, 1904; Wife of Peter Hay of Dietz; Buried March 14, 1904, SW 1/8, lot 14, block S

Hay, Peter d August 24, 1905; Miner; died by accident in Colorado; 44 years; Knights of Pythias lodge of Dietz in charge of funeral; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 1, block 1, first addition

Hayes, Helen d March 15, 1908; Daughter of R C Hayes; aged 2 years; Died of brain fever at Tongue River

Heally, Edwin F d May 26, 1898; Son of Thomas F & Anna E Kelly; Born in Sheridan Original January 6, 1898; Died from pneumonia; aged 4m, 20d; Buried in grave 3 ft S of N line on NW 1/4, lot 74, block R

Heck, John Valentine d August 1, 1905; Son of John Heck

Helms, Mrs J O d April 9, 1907; Died in Sheridan; Buried Lot 47, block I

Henderson, Gladis M d March 21, 1898; Daughter of William & Alpha R Henderson; aged 2m, 28d; Born on Cook’s ranch (Big Goose Creek) December 24, 1897; Died [?] (Big Goose or Beckton Road) from pneumonia; Buried in grave 2 ft form N line, NE 1/4, lot 45, block S

Hendrickson, John d August 8, 1894 (abt); Killed by a rock slide at Dead Man’s Point in Tongue River Flume, Tongue River canyon; Buried in grave on SW corner, lot 54, block H; Deeded to F J McShane, Omaha, Nebraska

Henghes, Arthur d October 1896; Born in Fulton Co OH; son of J Henghes, Independence KS; Accidently killed on Railroad about 5 miles N of Sheridan; Buried in grave on N 1/2, NE1/4, lot 54, block S

Heriko, Paul d August 1, 1907; Polish miner; married; died from black damp at Dietz; aged 30y; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 40, block R

Herren, Arthur d March 6, 1907; Telegraph operator; died of abscess of brain; age 23 years; Buried Lot 16, block F

Hickey, James d April 1, 1891 (abt); Brother of Former County Surveyor Daniel Hickey; Died in Sheridan; aged about 22 to 24 years; Buried in grave in NE corner of lot 32, block S

Hildroy, J H d November 13, 1905 (abt); Buried by Jonothan Gildroy’s order; died at Monarch; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 1, block 1, 2nd addition

Hill, Child d May 15, 1907; Child of Jonathan Hill of Dietz; aged 6 months; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 6, block 1, first addition

Hobert, Infant d June 23, 1901; Infant son of Edwin A Hobert; Buried in grave 3, E 1/2 of lot 6, block S

Hoff, Emma d May 2, 1904; Wife of George Hoff of Orron Junction, Wyoming; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 28, block S

Hoffman, C H d April 20, 1906; Fireman; died from a railroad accident at Ranchester; aged 26; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 6, block 1

Hogan, Basil Duke bur May 13, 1902; Husband of Emma G Hogan; Born at Napoleon Kentucky on November 21, 1863; Died at Birney Montana, September 20, 1899; Moved to Sheridan WY, lot 35, block F

Hogan, Mister bur May 13, 1902; Husband of Emma G Hogan; Buried Lot 35, block F

Hollenbeck, Otto O d January 26, 1897; Son of Charles E & Anna K Hollenbeck; Born in Held Addition September 29, 1896; Died in Held Addn from influenza of the throat; aged 3m, 27d; Buried in grave 2 ft form N line on NW 1/4, lot 14, block A

Hollis, Arnold d September 10, 1908; Son of Mrs Sadie Hollis; Died in Sheridan; aged 10 months

Holloway, Samuel B d September 8, 1896; Born in Glennville, Harford Co Maryland in 1849; Lived at Springfield IL, Denver CO, Cheyenne & Sheridan WY; Came to Sheridan in 1892; carpenter by trade; Married Henrietta Raines in Cheyenne in 1885; Died from consumption in Thurmond 2nd Addition; Buried in grave 11 ft from S corner, lot 25, block L; Deeded A F & A M

Holman, Fred d January 25, 1907 (abt); Miner; died at Carneyville; Buried SE 1/8, lot 18, block 2, first addition

Holmes, Herbert bur September 28, 1904; Resident of Dietz; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 58, block S

Hopson, Alonzo d January 14, 1907; Died in Sheridan of Consumption of the bone; aged 65 years; buried W 1/2, lot 35, block I

Hork, Jonathan A d August 16, 1906; Suicide; Buried by County on their own ground

Horsley, Sarah Viola d June 29, 1905; Died an accidental death at Prairie Dog; age 3y, 5m, 12d; Buried E 1/2, lot 1, block A

Hotchkiss, Elizabeth d December 6, 1906; Music teacher; daughter of Dick Hotchkiss; Died of typhoid fever at Dietz; Buried lot 34, block I

Hotchkiss, Gene d March 11, 1907; Daughter of Dick Hotchkiss; aged 23 years; Died at Dietz from dilation of the heart; Buried lot 34, block I

How, Mrs O S d June 3, 1907; Died of paralysis in Sheridan; Buried E 1/2, lot 53, block R

Howard, Will d January 9, 1907; Married man; aged 38 years; Sheridan resident; Died of cerebral hemorrhage after an illness of 24 hours

Huey, James d April 16, 1907; Miner; son of Mary J Huey, Columbus, Kansas; Died from being stabbed in abdomen at Carneyville; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 8, block 2, first addition

Hulett, Doc d March 18, 1905; Miner; died of gunshot wound at a coal camp; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 4, block 2, first addition

Hults, Francis d September 3, 1908; Child of Edgar Hulse; died of malaria at Decker, Montana; Aged 3 months 

Hunter, Karl d September 23, 1906; Son of A N Hunter; aged 13y, 8m, 16d; Died from appendicitis at Wyola, Montana; Buried E 1/2, lot 16, block H

Hurter, Child bur October 5, 1903; Son of William Hurter; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 42, block S; Moved November 14, 1907 to lot 18, block Q

Hurter, Child bur August 5, 1904; Son of William Hurter; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 41, block S; Moved November 14, 1907 to lot 18, block Q

Husman, Carrie d April 22, 1906; Died of bronchial pneumonia at Sheridan; aged 75 years; Buried Lot 11, block 3, first addition

Husman, Margaret d October 23, 1906; Daughter of Peter Husman; died of stomach trouble; aged 9m; Buried lot 11, block 3, first addition

Husman, Marie d August 14, 1906; Child of Peter Husman; aged 6 months; Died of cholera infantum at Sheridan

Huston, Andrew bur March 10, 1901; Buried in E 1/2, lot 70, block P

Hutchinson, ? died 1893; Buried in grave along S line on N 1/2, lot 91, block S

Hutchinson, H E d 1892 (probably); In grave 3, row 2, lots 73 & 74, block S

Hyle, Katie See Katie Beecher

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