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Nakakuma, T d March 28, 1907; Japanese; Buried NE 1/8, lot 5, block 3, first addition

Neery, Child bur October 1, 1902; Child of James S Neery; Buried W 1/2, lot 6, block R

Neil, William April 23, 1906 (abt); Buried by Sheridan County on their ground

Nelson, Oscar bur December 22, 1901; Buried by Eagle Lodge, Oscar Nelson; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 52, block S

Neuman, Infant d July 31, 1894 (abt); Baby; parents worked on railroad; Buried in grave on SE corner, lot 63, block S

Newell, Mina O Caskey d December 1, 1892; Wife of J W Newell; married at Stockton KS March 18, 1879; Born March 19, 1859 in Pawnee City, NE; Came to Sheridan in 1888; aged 33y, 8mo, 12d; Died in Sheridan (original) from premature birth; Buried in grave in center on lot 14, block H

Newinger, Edwin d May 19, 1895; Son of Edwin M & Minnie (deceased) Newinger; Born at Edgemont, SD February 22, 1895; Died in Sheridan County; aged 2m, 27d; buried in grave 8 ft N from S corner, lot 3, block E

Nielson, Cora bur November 26, 1904; Child of Rinholdt & Agnes Nielsen; Died of typhoid fever; aged 5y, 3m, 21d; Buried W 1/2, lot 16, block H

Nordskog, Sarah bur January 14, 1905; Born in Norway; aged 20 years; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 28, block S

Norris, John F d November 13, 1905; Brakeman on the B & M Railroad from Washington DC; Died from an accident at Sheridan; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 6, block 1, first addition

Oberg, Child bur December 13, 1902; Child of A H Oberg; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 50, block S

Okerland, Child bur December 21, 1901; Child of John Okerland; Buried SW 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 49, block S

Oliver, Child bur June 22, 1902; Child of M Oliver of Dietz, Wyoming; Buried NW 1/4, lot 53, block S

Olson, Infant d March 28, 1896 (abt); Child of Martha Olson (prostitute); Born and died in Grinnell Addition; aged 10 days; Buried in grave 2 ft from N line on SE 1/4, lot 41, block S

Osmus, Infant d August 11, 1907; Baby of H Osmus; died of cholera infantum; aged 5 months; Buried lot 14, block I

Overton, Child bur November 14, 1904; Child of E E Overton; Buried W 1/2, lot 26, block H

Page, Gladys d September 13, 1906; Daughter of B F Page; died of diphtheria; ged 1 year; Buried E 1/2, lot 73, block B

Page, Infant d January 1, 1908; Six month old infant; bill charged to B F Page

Painter, Infant d May 12, 1908; Infant of Lewis Painter; died in Sheridan; Buried S 1/2, Se 1/4, lot 9, block S

Parananan, Younder d December 11, 1906; Male; died of typhoid fever at Dietz; age 7 years

Paul, Dina Gohsen d Jan 29, 1893; Wife of George Paul; Born in Reinland MO; Died from rupture; in Farnham Addition; Buried in grave 6 ft S from N line, lot 7, block F

Peffenrath, Martin d December 8, 1905; Died of typhoid at Wrench Ranch; aged 35 years; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 55, block R

Pence, Child bur March 15, 1905; Grandson of Ellis Pence; Buried Lot 1, block 2, first addition

Penton, Matilda died 1905; Wife of John Penton; died of heart failure; aged 21 years; Buried Lot 19, block 1, first addition

Perkins, Clara d August 17, 1900; Wife of B F Perkins; died in Sheridan from consumption; Buried in W 1/2, lot 24, block H

Perkins, Norman D d 1894 or 1895; Son of H D & Myrtle Perkins; Buried in grave 10 ft from N corner, lot 44, block I

Perkins, Susan E d 1894 or 1895; Daughter of H D & Myrtle Perkins; Buried in grave 12 ft from SW corner, lot 44, block I

Perry, Mister bur August 26, 1901; Husband of Hattie Perry; killed in B & M yards at Sheridan; Buried in lot 31, block F

Peter, Rufus d March 31, 1908; Farmer; died of lung trouble at Monarch; aged 21 years; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 8, block 5, first addition

Peterson, Child d April 9, 1893 (abt); Child of J L Peterson; Buried in grave 2 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 96, block S

Peterson, Holtan d December 20, 1905; Miner; died from an accident in the mine; ope breaking and trip going back & running over him; aged 28 years; Buried NW 1/8, lot 9, block L, Mason Ground

Pettengill, Emma Miller d June 1, 1896; Mother of F E Allen; married to Mr Douglas in WI; widowed; Married Fletcher Allen; lived at Bloomington WI; widowed; Married Ensign L Pettingill at Tuscarora NV; Died in Sheridan from dropsy and heart troubles; aged 68 years; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 44, block S

Petzoldt, Infant Twins bur March 14, 1902; Infant twin children of W A Petzoldt; Buried SE 1/2, lot 5, block S

Phelan, Child bur October 26, 1901; Child of Johnie T Phelan; Buried N 1/2, lot 16, block R

Phillips, Ena G d April 27, 1904; Died at her home at Woodburn, Iowa; aged 13y, 2m, 15d; Buried April 30 in lot 29, block S

Pilch, Child bur December 29, 1904; Child of S Pilch of Dietz; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 60, block R

Pilch, Mike d August 6, 1907; Son of Sam Pilch; died at Dietz; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 41, block R

Pilvi, Frank d January 25, 1907; Miner; died of typhoid fever at Dietz, Wyoming; aged 29 years; buried S 1/2, SW 1/4 lot 19, block 2 first addition

Pittman, Mrs d October 19, 1907; Married; died a suicide in Sheridan; aged 37 years; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 13, block S

Plummer, George d May 17, 1900; Died in Sheridan from tuberculosis

Pohornok, Anton d November 27, 1906; Miner; died of typhoid fever at Dietz; aged 20 years; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 1, block 1, first addition

Pointer, Child bur June 18, 1904; Son of George D (Charles D) Pointer of Sheridan; Buried lot 10, block A

Poisot, Child d March 17, 1907 (abt); Child of E J Poisot; died in Sheridan; Buried NE 1/8, lot 9, block 2, first addition

Polshok, Gus d January 19, 1907; Died of typhoid fever at Dietz; aged 16 years; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 31, Block R

Popaito, Child d May 20, 1907 (abt); Child of Tony Papaito; aged 9 months; Died of brain fever in Carneyville, Wyoming

Porath, Verbina d December 18, 1906; Female; died of peritonitis at Sheridan; aged 33y, 8m, 2d; Buried W 1/2, lot 13, block 2, first addition

Powers, John B bur July 10, 1901; Husband of Rebecca J Powers; born September 13, 1843; Buried in lot 19, block F

Pranika, Frank d September 18, 1907; Miner; aged 35 years; suicide from a gunshot wound at Dietz #5; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 18, block 2, first addition

Presnol, Katy d January 25, 1907; Daughter of Frank Presnol; died of pneumonia at Dietz; age 5y; Buried N 1/2, Se 1/4, lot 33, block R

Preuss, Barbara Olk d July 18, 1896; Born in East Prussia; aged about 27 years; Married to Adolph Preuss in Mount Pleasant IA 1891; Died in Western Addition from blood poisoning; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 45, block S

Purkey, Child bur September 4, 1901; Child of A U Purkey; Buried on SW 1/8, lot 50, block S

Purmort, Helen G Benns d October 16, 1897; Wife of George Purmort; married Plattsburg NY Jun 26, 1872; Born Black Brook, NY, October 13, 1852; to Sheridan in 1893; Died in Thurmond 2nd Addition from pneumonia; age 48y, 3d; Buried in grave on center, lot 18, block A

Purmort, Helen May d August 31, 1895; Daughter of George H & Helen G Purmort; Born in Delaware, Wis; aged 10y, 8m; Died in Thurmond 2nd Addition from diphtheria; Buried in grave 3 ft from N line, lot 18, block A

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