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Sabo, Infant d August 24, 1900; Child of Joe Sabo; died at Higby, WY; Buried in N 1/2 of SE 1/4, lot 73, block R

Sabo, Infant d May 19, 1901; Child of Joe Sabo; Buried in N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 73, block R

Sackett, Infant d June 14, 1908; Infant of Carl Sackett; died in Sheridan

Sage, Infant d August 10, 1907; Baby of G S Sage; died of cholera infantum; aged 10 months; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 2, block 2, first addition

Saito, Y d August 4, 1906; Died from an accident at the Sheridan car shops; aged 35 years; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 5, block 3, first addition

Sallenbach, Henry d May 9, 1907; Farmer; resident of Piney; born in Switzerland; Died of cancer of stomach; aged 69 years; Buried Lot 4, block A

Sambrook, Joseph bur January 23, 1902; Buried NW 1/2, lot 54, block S

Sanders, Thomas bur June 2, 1903; Resident of Dietz, Wyoming; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 70, block S

Saori, Andrew d February 8, 1907; Miner; born in Finalnd; aged 38 years; Died of typhoid fever at Dietz, Wyoming; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 18, block 2, first addition

Scholz, Infant d February 5, 1901; Infant child of Josef Scholz; Buried in E 1/2, lot 17, block R

Schrader, Mister d September 24, 1906 (abt); Pauper; Buried by the county on their ground

Schroader, Henry bur September 6, 1903; Resident of Dayton; killed by gunshot; Buried lot 46, block F

Schuler, John bur May 29, 1896; Born in Switzerland April 20, 1835; married Ellen George; Lived in Wisc & Neb; came to Sheridan Co in 1887; Enlisted in Co B, 31st Wis Infantry, 1864; Died January 21, 1888 in Rhodes Farm Co Addition from disease contracted in army; aged 52 years; Buried on old burying ground; body moved to grave 1 ft from S line on SE 1/4, lot 34, block R

Schuler, Luther d November 16, 1895; Born in Nebraska; to Sheridan Co in 1887; aged 11y, 2m, 1d; Accidently killed (runaway) at Main and Loucks Street crossing; Buried in grave 8 ft from N line on NE 1/4, lot 34, block R

Scott, Infant d November 25, 1892; Son of Edgar W & Lillia A Scott; born and died in Sheridan; Buried in 1st grave N of Lillia A Scott grave, lot 8, block H

Scott, Lillia A d November 28, 1892; Wife of Edgar W Scott; aged 22y, 7m; Daughter of James M & Maria A Becker; Born in Iowa; came to Sheridan in 1889; Died in Sheridan (original) from acute rheumatism; Buried in grave in middle of E 1/2, lot 8, block H

Scott, Terrell d November 26, 1906; Son of Terrell G Scott; died of poisoning; aged 1y, 9m; Buried lot 8, block H

Scovel, Child bur February 4, 1904; Child of Mr Scovel; Buried lot 8, block S

Scrutchfield, James d December 29, 1907; Died of heart disease in Sheridan; aged 63 years; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 18, block 5

Search, Katherine d February 8, 1908; Died of cancer of the stomach; aged 52 years; Buried NW 1/4, lot 5, block 5

Sellway, Jessie d September 23, 1907; Died of dropsy at Sheridan; aged 34 years

Severe, Child bur July 27, 1904; Child of Walter and Hattie Severe of Dietz; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 52, block S

Shafer, Mrs J E bur February 11, 1905; Wife of J E Shafer; Buried lot 4, block S

Sheckelford, China E d June 19, 1906; Died of asthma at Sheridan; aged 58y, 5m, 16d; Buried lot 9, block A

Shedlock, George d December 26, 1906; Son of Jonathan Shedlock; aged 5 years; Died of typhoid fever at Dietz, Wyoming

Shekelford, Infant d January 27, 1907; Infant of William Shekelford

Shelton, Infant d August 13, 1908; Infant of John Shelton; aged 14 days; died in Sheridan

Shephard, Child d May 30, 1908; Child of S Shephard; died of brain trouble in Sheridan; age 9m; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 10, block S

Sholtz, Herman d October 30, 1907; Sheepman from the Rosebud; died of suicide; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 13, block S

Shubert, ? bur February 26, 1901; Grandchild of Henry Shubert; Buried in lot 37, block F

Shupe, Infant d August 11, 1900; Baby of Joe W Shupe; died at Wyola MT from spasms; Buried in S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 73, block R; Child was removed to E 1/2, lot 61, block R by its father on June 14, 1902; on page 80 described

Shupe, Joseph W bur June 14, 1902; Buried E 1/2, lot 61, block R; Baby (son) moved from S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 73, block R

Shute, Infant bur February 17, 1905; Infant child of Mr & Mrs A L Shute (colored) of Sheridan; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 95, block S

Sidenis, Louis d April 21, 1907; Greek laborer; died of spotted fever; 19 years; Buried N 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 40, block R

Simmons, W H bur September 4, 1905; Buried by the Elks Club; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 7, block 1, first addition

Simpson, Mary E Frazier d October 22, 1898; Wife of Samuel E Simpson; married May 11, 1867; Born in Jefferson Co, Ia, January 3, 1851; Came to Sheridan Co July 1898; Died on [?] Simpson’s ranch at Beckton from tumor in stomach; Buried in grave 65 ft N of S line on SW 1/4, lot 51, block S

Skinner, George H d October 11, 1897; Son of Isaac & Cora L Skinner; aged 1m, 28d; Born in Sunnyside Addition August 13, 1897; Died from stomach trouble and inflammation of bowels; Buried in grave about 3 ft S from N corner, lot 10, block Q

Slaveniker, John bur July 19, 1901; Buried S 1/2 of NE 1/4, lot 74, block R

Sloane, Child bur March 26, 1905; Child of O E Sloane; died at Dietz; age 1 m, 21d; Buried S 1/2 of NE 1/4, lot 60, block R

Smidt, Infant bur June 20, 1902; Child of Mr & Mrs John Smidt; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 54, block S

Smith, Child bur October 14, 1901; Boy of V J Smith; Buried on W 1/2, lot 6, block S

Smith, Dorothy bur January 20, 1903; Daughter of Mary Smith; Buried NE 1/4, lot 33, block S

Smith, Florence N d October 8, 1896; Daughter of George L & Florence Bell Smith; Born in Alger Addition February 15, 1896; Died in Alger Addition; aged 7m, 27d; Buried in grave in center, lot 12, block A

Smith, Infant d February 16, 1906 (abt); Baby of H E Smith; died at Sheridan; aged 7 days; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 1, block 3, first addition

Smith, J D d October 1892; Married and lived on Big Goose near mouth; Died at (Newell’s) Sheridan (original) of typhoid fever; Buried in grave 1, 2nd row from E, lot 72, block S

Smith, Nellie May d December 21, 1891; Daughter of Jim H & Louvina Smith; Born and died in Thurmond Second Addition; Died from lung trouble; aged 5m; Buried in grave along south side of line through center on lot 23, block H

Smith, Riley M d June 27, 1894; Born Febraury 1849 in Virginia; aged 45 years; Came to Wyo in 1869, engaged as teamster for government; Married to Mrs Mattie Chapman nee Newell, Nov 8, 1891; Accidently killed on Tongue River by roof of house falling in; Body moved to grave 1 ft from N line on SE 1/4, lot 44, block S, January 11, 1897

Smyth, Edward C d October 13, 1896; Son of O J & Minnie N Smyth; Born in Sheridan (original) April 1, 1896; aged 6m, 12d; Died in Sheridan (original) from cholera infantum; Buried in grave 5 ft from W line, 7 ft from S line, lot 2, block A

Smyth, Infant d October 23, 1897; Daughter of O J & Minnie N Smyth; Born and died in Sheridan (original); Buried in grave 5 ft from W line, 9 ft from S line, lot 2, block A

Smyth, Minnie N Lowery d December 3, 1897; Wife of O J Smyth; born in California; came to Sheridan 1893; Married at Buffalo Wyo April 23, 1883; Died in Sheridan (original) from childbirth effects; Buried in grave 13 ft from S line on W 1/2, lot 2, block A

Snedaker, Myrton P d October 5, 1894; Son of G P & Clara Snedaker; Born at Alliance Nebraska; aged 9m; Died in South Park Addition from summer complaints; Buried in grave in S corner, lot 1, block G

Snelling, Leon d September 27, 1905; Cause of death accidental; aged 21; died at Sheridan; Buried W 1/2, lot 70, block P

Snodgrass, Mary d June 20, 1908; Daughter of R D Snodgrass; aged 7 months; Died of inflamation of the bowels; Buried Lot 32, block I

Sonnesberger, Delilah S d August 16, 1890; Born August 16, 1828; aged 62y; Died in South Park Addition from abscess in the side of body; Buried in grave in center of lot 1, block F

Sonnesberger, William A d December 28, 1894; German; husband of Delilah S Sonnesberger (deceased); Served in U S Army, Mexican War; aged about 70 years; Died on Tongue River accidently by run away team; Buried in grave along S line on NW 1/4, lot 70, block S

Spain, James d October 1907 ; Painter; died at Cleveland, Ohio; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 1, block R

Sprague, Nellie E d November 4, 1907; Died at Big Horn; aged 25 years; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 14, block 2, first addition

Staley, Charles d September 10, 1908; Sugar Beet Hand; died of rheumatism at Ranchester; aged 32y

Stanley, William d July 15, 1906; Died of heart trouble in Sheridan; aged 76 years; Buried E 1/2, lot 7, block 2, second addition

Stephenson, Mrs John d April 5, 1894 (abt); Wife of John Stephenson; aged 50 or 60 years; Buried in grave 6 ft from S line on SE 1/4, lot 42, block S

Stephenson, Park B d September 4, 1898; Son of R B & Musa B Stephenson; aged 1y, 1m, 12d; Born in Red Lodge, Mont, July 22, 1897; Died in Sheridan (original) from cholera infantum; Buried in grave 1-1/2 ft S of N line on NE 1/4, lot 49, block S

Stewart, Infant d September 10, 1906; Infant of C G Stewart; died in Sheridan; aged one day; Buried N 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 9, block 2, first addition

Stockwell, Captain bur January 11, 1901; Buried SE 1/4, lot 54, block S

Stone, Child bur February 26, 1902; Child of G W Stone; Buried NW 1/8, lot 36, block S

Stone, Infant d January 9, 1900; Infant child of R F Stone; died in Sheridan of tonsolutous; Buried on lot 9, block Q

Stooks, Child bur November 12, 1902; Child of Henry B Stooks; Buried SE 1/4, lot 36, block S

Storey, Thomas d March 14, 1908;Died at Carneyville; Buried S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 97, block S

Stork, James Edward d October 4, 1906 (abt); Son of Taylor Stork of Dietz; aged 1m, 21d; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 16, block 2, first addition

Stover, Mrs d May 27, 1908; Died in Sheridan; order given by Miss Lena Stover

Streed, August d November 28, 1904; Husband of Agnes Streed; Born November 21, 1870 in Upsaula, Stockholm, Sweden; Buried December 1, 1904 in S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 15, block R

Stringer, Samuel d September 17, 1905; Mail contractor; died of chronic dysentery; aged 65 years; Buried by Masons

Strong, Minnie d May 15, 1900; Wife of C A Strong; died in Sheridan of consumption; Buried in SW 1/4, lot 46, block S

Stroud, Infant bur January 17, 1905; Infant child of Mr & Mrs G W Stroud; Buried lot 28, block F

Stuart, Infant bur October 6, 1902; Infant child of R J Stuart; Buried SW 1/4, lot 37, block S

Suits, Child bur December 16, 1903; Child of Frank & Flora Suits; Buried S 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 36, block S

Sullen, Infant d September 12, 1900; Child of Thomas Sullen; died at Higby, WY; Buried E 1/2, lot 37, block R

Sullinder, Child bur July 23, 1903; Child of T W Sullinder; Buried SE 1/4, lot 88, block S

Sullivan, Dan December 5, 1892; Murdered at time of Andrew J Case (see #27); hot in head; Buried in grave 3, row 3, lots 73 & 74, block S

Swaim, Mrs d January 1, 1901; Mother of Thomas H Swaim; Buried lot 17, block B

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