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Taber, Infant d March 5, 1894; Twin child of James M Taber; born and died in South Park Addition; Buried in grave 1 ft from N line on NW 1/4, lot 41, block S

Taffner, Effie d August 21, 1893; Daughter of Charles H & Edna B Taffner; Born in Held Addition; aged 5w; Died in Held Addition from cholera infantum; Buried in grave in center of lot 30, block S

Takuhawa, Mikoziro d December 21, 1905; Japanese laborer; died by accidental asphyxiation; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 5, block 3, first addition

Taylor, Infant bur December 27, 1904; Infant child of Mr & Mrs Everett Taylor; Buried lot 27, block F

Terrill, ? Stone d July 14, 1895; Wife of James Terrill of Banner; maiden name Stone; Died in Thurmond 1st Addition from blood poisoning or suicide; Buried in grave 3 ft from N line, lot 36, block I

Tesson, Carl d November 2, 1906; Son of L Tesson; died of brain trouble; aged 6 months; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 16, block 2, first addition

Thanos, Thenon d June 17, 1907; Section hand; born in Greece; died of pneumonia; aged 35y; Buried by Sheridan county on their own ground

Thayer, Floy d September 14, 1906; Son of H A Thayer; died of bowel complaint; aged 5 months; Buried lot 3, block S

Thayer, Infant d May 24, 1908; Infant of W M Thayer; died at Carneyville; aged 3 days; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 9, block S

Tho, Emil d December 13, 1906; Miner; died of typhoid at Dietz; aged 23 years; Buried S 1/2, SE 1/4, lot 8, block 1, first addition

Thoet, Child bur December 3, 1902; Child of George Thoet of Sheridan; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 73, block S

Thomas, E H d June 28, 196 (abt); Died in Sheridan; Buried by Eagle lodge on N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 53, block P

Thomas, Thomas d January 14, 1905; Miner at Dietz; aged 67; Died from paralysis caused by stone falling on his head in mine; Buried January 16 in S 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 95, block S

Thompson, Washington d April 22, 1906; Farmer; died of cancer at Big Goose; aged 58 years; Buried lot 22, block F

Thornton, J M d December 25, 1907; Teamster; died of La Grippe at Sheridan; aged 77 years; Buried N 1/2, NW 1/4, lot 18, block 4, first addition

Thurmond, Basil E d September 20, 1895; Son of Charles H & Agnes E Thurmond; Born in Neilson Heights June 25, 1895; Died in Neilson Heights; aged 2m, 25d; Buried in grave 3 ft from S line on NW 1/4, lot 26, block H

Tompson, R A d April 16, 1901; Died at Banner WY; aged 44y, 6m, 26d; Buried NE 18, lot 70, block S

Toolan, William d March 13, 1898; Son of Frank and Mary Toolan; Born in Higby March 9, 1896; Died in Higby from diphtheria; aged 2y, 4d; Buried in grave 2 ft N of S line on SW 1/4, lot 46, block S

Toomey, Mike F d November 15, 1905; Husband of Louise Toomey; died from accidental poisoning; Drayman; died at Sheridan; Buried lot 56, block R

Tower, William H d July 10, 1894; Place of birth unknown; born March 25, 1838; Married to Mary Ann Smith July 15, 1859; Card in J D Hunterís office reads Mrs Capt W H Tower; Died suddenly in Sheridan (original); aged 56y, 3m, 15d; Buried in grave along S line on NE 1/4, lot 86, block S

Towers, Henry d July 10, 1894; See #74, William H Tower

Townsend, Child bur September 19, 1904; Child of Arthur Townsend of Dietz; Buried on East center, lot 14, block S

Townsend, Mary Ellen d May 16, 1908; Died of paralysis in Sheridan; aged 68 years

Troyer, Merle d March 17, 1905; Son of M J Troyer; died of appendicitis at Sheridan; Buried NE corner, lot 31, block H

Tschirgi, Infant d January 18, 1897; Son of Arnold & Jennie Tschirgi; Born prematurely and died in Farnham Addition; Buried in grave 3 ft from a point on W line, 11 ft from NW corner, lot 45, block I (see No 194, page 62)

Tschirgi, Infant d September 9, 1898; Son (a twin child) of Arnold & Jennie Tschirgi; Born and died in Farnham addition; Buried in the top box in grave 3 ft S from a point 11 ft from NW corner, lot 45, block I (see No 157, page 55)

Tschirgi, Robbie d January 18, 1895; Son of Arnold & Jennie Tschirgi; Born Farnham Addition June 27, 1894; Died in Farnham Addition; aged 6m, 21d; Buried head of W line, 11 ft from NW corner, lot 45, block I

Tune, Infant d February 15, 1906 (abt); Baby of Chas Tune; died of Whooping cough at Sheridan; Buried S 1/2, NE 1/4, lot 1, block 3, first addition

Turner, Arthur d September 6, 1905; Miner; married; aged 45 years; death caused by accident at Monarch; Buried E 1/2, lot 42, block H

Tuttle, E C d April 23, 1906 (abt); Buried by Sheridan County on their ground

Twadill, F A d October 1893; See record from Frank A Brink

Tyler, Herbert d July 10, 1907; Real Estate & Insurance agent; died of suicide; aged 52 years; Buried lot 13, block I

Tynan, Cicil M d September 28, 1895; Son of Thomas T & Vinie Tynan; born and died in Sheridan; Died of bronchitis and croup; aged 17m, 3d; Buried in grave 1 ft from center of NW line, lot 25, block F

Van Gorder, Arthur d September 15, 1900; Son of W F Van Gorder; aged 20 years; Died of chronic diarrhea at Squirrel Creek, Dewey WY; Buried in Lot 16, block Q

Van Meter, Alma June bur September 27, 1904; Child of Arthur & Jessie Van Meter; aged 3mo; died at Dietz; Buried NW 1/4, lot 92, block S

Vasko, George d February 8, 1908; Died of brain trouble at Monarch; aged 3 years; Buried N 1/2, SW 1/4, lot 31, block R

Vickers, Henrietta G d July 28, 1897; Daughter of George H & R M Vickers; Born in South Park Addition May 1897; Died in South Park Addition from lack of vitality; Buried in grave 9-1/2 ft N of S corner, lot 40, block F

Vosseler, Charles January 4, 1894; Brother of Rev Vosseler, a Methodist minister; Died in Sheridan (original); aged about 21 years; Buried on SW 1/4, lot 86, block S

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