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1925 Presbyterian
Ladies' Cook Book
Cody, Wyoming

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My grandmother passed away last year and among her things was a copy of the 1925 Presbyterian Ladies' Cook Book, Cody, Wyoming. I have compiled a list of the names of the people who shared recipes in here and would be happy to do "look ups" in the cookbook if anyone is interested in the recipes of these folks.

Janet White at

Ainesworth, Mrs. H. H.
Allen, Mrs. R.W.
Armistead, Mrs. R.D.
Barnett, Estella Rockwell
Barnett, Fred C.
Barnett, Mrs. Frederic C.
Beck, Mrs. George T.
Black, Mrs. E. C., Vancouver, B.C.
Blaine, Lulu E.
Boquist, Segrid
Bowlware, Mrs. E.L.
Bradbury, Mrs. J.F.
Bradbury, Mrs. J.T.
Brown, Mrs E.F.
Brymner, Miss Ethel
Buchanan, Mrs. J.D. (J.L.?)
Calkins, Mrs.
Calkins, Mrs. J. K.
Campbell, Maude V.
Campbell, Mrs. C.W.
Chamberlin, Mrs. M.
Chamberlin, Mrs.V.E., Fairbury, NE
Christy, Mrs. A. L.
Cole, Mrs. D.W.
Coman, Mrs. F.B.
Coman, Thelma E.
Cowan, Mrs. F.B.
Coykendall, Alice
Coykendall, Miss
Coykendall, Mrs. J.
D., A.C.
Darrah, Mrs. H. W.
Dayton, Mrs. Fred
Dibble, Mrs. C.W.
Dillon. Mrs. J. S.
Elles (Eells?), Marjory A.
Fitzpatrick, Katie
Foster, Grace B.
Foster, Mrs. Chas. L.
Foster, Mrs. E.L.
Gilchrist, Mrs. Mary G.
Goodman, Mrs. Julia C.
H., M.B.
H., Mrs. C.G.
Harding, Mrs. Milo M.
Hargreaves, Mrs. Calvert
Hargreaves, Mrs. Josephine
Hayes, Mrs.
Helmer, Mrs.
Hill, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Chas.
Howe, Anna
Howe, Mrs.
Howland, Mrs. Chas.
Humphrey, Mrs. A.M.
Humphrey, Mrs. Claude
Ingraham, S. Darlene
Jenns, Miss Ivy
Johnson, Mrs. Algott
Jones, Mrs. Carrie
Jones, Mrs. Dave
Kirby, Mrs. E. L.
Klein, Mrs. J. C.
Landgren, Mrs. Vann
Loftsgarten, Mrs. A.
Lovey, Mrs. A.M.
M., C. G.
Martin, Mrs.
McLaughlin, Mrs. Jennie L. (or T.?)
Mowary, Mrs. Clara
Murray, Mrs. Wm J.
Newcomer, Mrs. M.H.
Newton, Mrs. L.L.
Nichols, Mrs. J.C.
P., L.E.
Parker(s), Mrs. D.I.
Parks, Faith Helm
Parks, Mrs. Samuel C. Jr.
Peake, Mrs.
Pfaff, Mrs.
Pfaff, Mrs. Leo H.
Pickering, Mrs. J.F.
Pierce, Mabel
R., I.H.
Ridgely, Mrs.
Riggs, Mrs.
Robertson, Harriet S.
Robertson, Mildred
Robertson, Mrs. H.B.
Rossiter, Ina Hobart
Rossiter, Mrs. E. B.
S., A.D.
Scharff, Miss
Schwoob, Mrs. J.M.
Schwoob, Mrs. L. A.
Simpson, Mrs. W. L.
Slade, Mrs. A.A.
Smith, Mrs. H.M.
Spencer, Anna Douglas(s)
Spencer, Mrs.
Sullivan, Mrs. Susie M.
T., N. L.
Tabor, Mrs. E.F.
Tabor, Mrs. Gertrude
Thompson, Clara
Thompson, Mrs. Frank O.
Thompson, Mrs. Gus
Thompson, N.L.
Thurston, Mrs. H.W.
Thurston, Mrs. Josephine
Upton, Mrs. Elizabeth
Van Horn, Mrs. James H.
VanHorn, Mrs. J. H.
Verplast, Mrs., Hereford, S.D.
Wallace, Mrs. J.M.
Waples, Mrs.
Watkins, E.D.
Watkins, Mrs. L. A.
Watkins, Mrs. Sanford A.
Webster, Mrs. E.B.
Wetmore, Helen Cody
Wiley, Miriam Ayer
Wiley, Mrs. Walter S.
Wilson, Mrs. W.
Wiltse, Mrs. Ralph
Yates, Mrs. S. Ross

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