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Park County
Towns and Place Names

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Andy Martin Pit Mine 442412N 1091620W
Aspen Creek Summer Homes Place 442812N 1094200W
B Four Ranch Place 445623N 1094653W
B Four Ranch Place 445623N 1094653W
Badger Basin Town 445533N 1090421W
Bakers Field Airport 444724N 1084403W
Bakers Ranch Place 444628N 1091726W
Bannock Ford Town 445337N 1102234W
Barling Pit West Mine 440728N 1085452W
Barronette Bridge Place 445545N 1102400W
Basin Town 445926N 1085148W
Belknap Ranch Place 442042N 1092115W
Bennion Pit Mine 440535N 1085945W
Betty Cabin Place 440822N 1092358W
Bi Ho Ba Girl Scout Camp Place 442535N 1092521W
Big Horn Gypsum Quarry Mine 442837N 1090500W
Big Wind Mine Mine 441800N 1092100W
Bishop Cow Camp Place 444312N 1090636W
Black Diamond Mine Mine 441155N 1085240W
Blackwater Lodge Place 442735N 1094436W
Blackwater Pond Picnic Place 442735N 1094452W
Boulder Creek Pit Mine 441134N 1093247W
Bradford Ranch Place 442810N 1092853W
Braten Ranch Place 444714N 1092520W
Broken H Lodge Place 442850N 1092215W
Browns Mine Mine 445008N 1091441W
Bryan Mine Mine 435157N 1091657W
Buckles Ranch Place 435557N 1085557W
Buds Pit Mine Mine 430139N 1100039W
Buffalo Bill Camp Place 421845N 1081115W
Buffalo Ford Town 445530N 1102238W
Camp Creek Quarry Mine 445013N 1093012W
Camp Monaco Place 443638N 1095238W
Canyon Junction Town 444410N 1102933W
Canyon Village Town 444402N 1102921W
Carter Mountain Place 441743N 1091835W
Carter Ranch Place 442337N 1091234W
Cary Pit Mine 445148N 1093840W
Castle Rock Ranch Place 442310N 1091835W
Celotex Bighorn Mine 443001N 1090001W
Chapman Creek Pit Mine 445255N 1090703W
Chesarek Ranch Place 445930N 1090450W
Christipherson Mine Mine 440601N 1085306W
Circle H Ranch Place 442955N 1093057W
Clark Town 445358N 1090901W
Clark Cemetery Cemetery 445403N 1091006W
Clark Ranch Place 445348N 1091546W
Clark School School 445434N 1091045W
Clark School School 444514N 1084524W
Cles Ranch Place 443307N 1091821W
Cody Town 443135N 1090321W
Cody High School School 443135N 1090321W
Cody Middle School School 443135N 1090321W
Coe Lodge Place 441943N 1091517W
Corbitt Ranch Place 444812N 1092658W
Cougar Creek Place 444211N 1105653W
Crossbow Ranch Place 445259N 1093956W
Crouch Prospect Mine Mine 442238N 1095951W
Crown Hill Cemetery Cemetery 444504N 1084239W
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Dahlem Ranch Place 442736N 1092310W
Davidson Ranch Place 444557N 1091559W
Daylite Pit Mine Mine 430118N 1100722W
Dead Indian Ranch Place 444523N 1092637W
Devils Den Town 445332N 1102313W
Diamond Bar Cow Camp Place 442248N 1092455W
Diamond Bar Ranch Place 442525N 1091301W
Dodd Ranch Place 444800N 1093030W
Dollar Ranch Place 435731N 1085616W
Double D Ranch Place 435608N 1091241W
Double Spearhead Bar Ranch Place 444306N 1093432W
Dry Creek Town 441849N 1085615W
Dumbell Town 440608N 1085916W
Duncan Mine Mine 444931N 1084104W
Dutton Pit Mine Mine 443241N 1085907W
Eagle Creek Summer Homes Place 442812N 1095303W
Eagle Mine Mine 442454N 1085044W
Eagle Pass Pit Mine 442927N 1085018W
Eaglenest Place 444118N 1085540W
East Wiley Mine Mine 442415N 1085153W
Eastside School School 443135N 1090321W
Elk Basin Oil Field Oil Field 445832N 1085115W
Ellsbury Ranch Place 445022N 1092903W
Evening Star Mine Mine 443754N 1094709W
Fenton Town 442353N 1083426W
Fenton School Place 442330N 1083456W
Few Acres Ranch Place 445326N 1093941W
Firefighter Monument Place 442442N 1094426W
Five Eighty-two Pit #2 Mine 430152N 1100056W
Five Thirty-two Pit #1 Mine 430100N 1100039W
Flying L Skytel Airport 442758N 1092822W
Forsman Ranch Place 445401N 1091227W
Fossil Forest Town 445138N 1101402W
Four Bear Oil Field Oil Field 440604N 1091417W
Four Bear Ranch Place 443013N 1092509W
Frank N Hammitt Monument pillar 444745N 1092633W
Frannie Oil Field Oil Field 445915N 1083842W
Garland Town 444647N 1083935W
Garrett Ranch Place 445745N 1090831W
Glacial Boulder Place 444340N 1102811W
Glenn Livingston School School 443135N 1090321W
Gold Reef Mining Region Mine 435853N 1091939W
Gold Reef Tunnel Mine 435847N 1091940W
Grabbert Cabin Place 441550N 1090920W
Green Cabin Place 441442N 1083428W
Greybull Mine Mine 440732N 1085517W
Grizzly Ranch Place 442759N 1093131W
Gruenig Ranch Place 445436N 1091327W
Half Moon Oil Field Oil Field 442228N 1090516W
Hardee Cabins Place 444010N 1094619W
Hardpan School School 441750N 1092828W
Hawkeye Town 440837N 1093723W
Hoff Ranch Place 444715N 1091405W
Hogg Pit Mine 441050N 1085233W
Homestead Ranch Place 440632N 1091925W
Honeysett Mine Mine 444940N 1084111W
Hoodoo Ranch Place 442049N 1090451W
Hunter Peak Ranch Place 445244N 1093912W
Iowa Mine Mine 435405N 1091645W
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Jack Creek Cabin Place 440343N 1091943W
John Miller Ranch Place 441046N 1083946W
Johnson Cabin Place 441123N 1083647W
Johnson Ranch Place 443734N 1091322W
Johnson Ranch Place 445810N 1091408W
K Bar Z Ranch Place 445013N 1093628W
Kamms Corner Town 444332N 1085555W
Kemick Cabin Place 441424N 1083653W
Kennison Cabin Place 441140N 1084208W
Kirwin Town 435235N 1091750W
Kirwin Copper Mine Mine 435257N 1091840W
Kitty Creek Summer Homes Place 442713N 1095133W
L Bar Ranch Place 445515N 1094438W
LL Bar Ranch Place 441906N 1092757W
Lanchbury Ranch Place 443736N 1090937W
Langford Cairn Place 442023N 1101221W
Larson Ranch Place 435913N 1090216W
Lazy Open A Place 444314N 1093534W
Lee City Place 443946N 1094353W
Lewellen Ranch Place 445100N 1091021W
Linquist Ranch Place 445501N 1091040W
LL Bar Ranch Place 441906N 1092757W
Little Johnnie Mine Mine 435349N 1091655W
Lone Tree Crossing Town 442653N 1084212W
Longhorn Mine Mine 435306N 1091659W
Luckinbill Airstrip Airport 445017N 1093717W
Lundvall Ranch Place 443702N 1091043W
Macy Ranch Place 444150N 1093628W
Madison Range Overlook Place 444009NW
Majo Ranch Place 440721N 1093749W
Mammoth Town 445836N 1104203W
Manilla Mine Mine 435353N 1091708W
Mantua Place 445022N 1084040W
Marlow Ranch Place 444056N 1091146W
Martins Ranch Place 445158N 1091719W
McClear Ranch Place 445851N 1091508W
McGuffey Mine Mine 442833N 1085424W
Meeteetse Town 440926N 1085215W
Meeteetse High School School 440926N 1085215W
Meeteetse Middle Middle School 440926N 1085215W
Meeteetse School School 440926N 1085215W
Mendota Mine Mine 435352N 1091704W
Mike Rachilski Mine Mine 444949N 1084115W
Miles Battlefield Place 445412N 1090935W
Monument Cairn Place 441941N 1101207W
Mooncrest Ranch Place 443637N 1092316W
Morrison Ranch Place 444831N 1092430W
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New Eagle Pass Pit Mine 442955N 1085043W
Noble Ranch Place 445838N 1090842W
Nohr Cabin Place 441240N 1084144W
Norris Junction Place 444401N 1104140W
Norris Museum Place 444335N 1104209W
North Pit Mine 443425N 1090310W
Northfork Pit Mine 442935N 1091534W
Novelty Mine Mine 443847N 1094705W
O'Donnell Place 444415N 1084758W
Oldham Mine Mine 445915N 1085249W
Orr Ranch Place 445155N 1093814W
Our House Hospital Hospital 443135N 1090321W
Owens Ranch Place 445808N 1091216W
Pagoda Creek Summer Homes Place 442720N 1093534W
Pahaska Tepee Town 443011N 1095744W
Paint Creek School School 444753N 1091354W
Painter Cabin Place 443958N 1094659W
Palette Ranch Place 440556N 1090055W
Palette Ranch Place 440727N 1092012W
Park County Court House 442500N 1094000W
Pat O'Hara Gypsum Mine 442659N 1090141W
Pearson Cabin Place 443832N 1092303W
Pelcher Ranch Place 442001N 1092223W
Pelican Springs Cabin Place 443550N 1101131W
Pickwick Mine Mine 435146N 1091735W
Pioneer School School 445823N 1090502W
Pitchfork Oil Field Oil Field 440826N 1090422W
Pitchfork Ranch Place 440535N 1090516W
Polecat Oil Field Oil Field 445515N 1084141W
Powell Town 444514N 1084524W
Powell High School School 444514N 1084524W
Powell Hospital Hospital 444514N 1084524W
Powell Middle School School 444514N 1084524W
Powell Municipal Airport Airport 445204N 1084734W
Quarter Circle Ranch Place 444319N 1093445W
R D S Ranch Place 445620N 1094523W
R D S Ranch Place 445620N 1094523W
Rader Prospect Mine Mine 442927N 1085846W
Ralston Town 444258N 1085150W
Red Butte Mine Mine 443324N 1091138W
Red Cabin Place 441756N 1085055W
Renner's Ranch Place 440039N 1085318W
Rhodes Ranch Place 443101N 1091616W
Riddle Ranch Place 444436N 1093132W
Rimrock Ranch Place 442703N 1093130W
River Rest Resort Place 442822N 1092454W
Riverside Cemetery Cemetery 443108N 1090501W
Robbers Roost Cabin Place 443559N 1092617W
Rocky Ford Town 445046N 1093513W
Rocky Ford Place 445047N 1093509W
Roosevelt Lodge Place 445447N 1102503W
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Salinger Ranch Place 444106N 1093737W
Sawtooth, Camp Place 445440N 1092626W
Schwabs Mine Mine 442827N 1084622W
Sevenmile Hole Place 444510N 1102416W
Sheets Flat School School 442025N 1083929W
Shoshone Ranch Place 442144N 1091133W
Silver Tip Oil Field Oil Field 445806N 1085612W
Silvertip Mine Mine 445835N 1085215W
Sleeper's Ranch Place 441542N 1084701W
Sliggins Brothers Ranch Place 441800N 1092820W
Smith Ranch Place 442008N 1092315W
Soda Butte (historical) Town 445240N 1100909W
South Elk Basin Oil Field Oil Field 445424N 1085016W
South Shoshone Oil Field Oil Field 441715N 1092545W
Southside School School 444514N 1084524W
Spink Ranch Place 444254N 1093134W
Spirit Mountain Mine 442852N 1090246W
Spring Creek Oil Field Oil Field 441352N 1090453W
Stafford Ranch Place 443722N 1090854W
Stinkingwater Mining Mine 440230N 1093827W
Stock Cabin Place 434846N 1094812W
Stone Barn Camp Place 443221N 1084557W
Stout Ranch Place 442838N 1092008W
Sulphur Camp Place 444030N 1093924W
Sunlight Ranch Place 444432N 1093148W
Sunset School School 443135N 1090321W
Sunshine Town 440139N 1085925W
Swanson Mine Mine 413558N 1091021W
Sweetwater Creek Mine Mine 442945N 1093742W
Sweetwater Mineral Springs Place 443018N 1093901W
TE Cow Camp Place 441653N 1092353W
TE Ranch Place 441654N 1092934W
Thomas Ranch Place 441044N 1090854W
Tibbs Butte Mine Mine 445701N 1092814W
Tolman Ranch Place 445605N 1091532W
Tower Junction Town 445459N 1102458W
Trask Ranch Place 443818N 1090932W
Trotters Station Place 443459N 1085810W
Trout Creek Ranch Place 442916N 1092059W
Tumlum Mine Mine 435221N 1091758W
Two Dot Mine Mine 445427N 1084926W
Two Dot Ranch Place 444248N 1091403W
UXU Lodge Place 442719N 1094229W
Valley Place 440946N 1093557W
Valley Cemetery Cemetery 441217N 1093355W
Valley School School 441220N 1093329W
Valley School School 443135N 1090321W
Venus Creek Cabin Place 440148N 1092547W
Vocation Town 443948N 1085634W
Walker Ranch Place 445929N 1090521W
Wapiti Town 442807N 1092613W
Wapiti School School 442807N 1092613W
Wayfares Chapel Place 442806N 1095213W
Webster Cabin Place 440925N 1084019W
West Park Hospital Hospital 443135N 1090321W
West Wiley Mine Mine 442052N 1085936W
Westside School School 444514N 1084524W
Wild Horse Corral Place 440540N 1084247W
Wiley (historical) Place 442348N 1085752W
Wiley Mine Mine 442416N 1085143W
Winninger Ranch Place 441240N 1090022W
Winona Camp Place 443723N 1094347W
Wolf Shaft Mine 435230N 1091740W
Y U Ranch Place 441842N 1084334W
Yanceys Town 445551N 1102608W
Yellowstone Regional Airport Airport 443112N 1090125W
Yetter Brothers Sawmill Place 435435N 1090006W
Younglove Pit Mine 443315N 1090453W
Z Bar T Ranch Place 440644N 1090943W
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