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Park County Wyoming Weddings




"Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Smith, announce the marriage of their daughter, Maude Viola, to Mr. Claude Wightman Campbell, on the afternoon of Wednesday, the second of October, nineteen hundred and seven at four o’clock, Portland, Oregon.”

Cody friends of our popular druggist received the above announcement a few days ago, and on Monday the happy couple arrived home and are now at the Irma receiving the congratulations of their friends.

“Doc” Campbell is a young business man who, by strict attention to business, courteous treatment of customers and scrupulous honesty has built up an enviable trade in Cody at the Campbell Drug company’s store, while Mrs. Campbell is a most accomplished young lady and a musician of marked ability.  As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Campbell can secure a desirable residence they will be at home to their  friends, and in the meantime will be pleased to meet them at the Irma.  The Stockgrower and Farmer  Thursday October 10, 1907

Rev. & Mrs. S. L. Cates 

On Wednesday of last week a large number of friends of Rev. and Mrs. S. L. Cates under the guidance of the Ladies’ Aid Society, gave this worthy couple a genuine surprise, the occasion being their first wedding anniversary.

A bounteous supper was provided by the ladies, and Mr. and Mrs. Cates were presented with a rocker and set of lace curtains for the parsonage. 

The occasion was a pleasant one to all who participated.  Wyoming Stockgrower and Farmer April 25, 1906



On Wednesday evening, June the twenty-first, at the home of the bride’s parents Mr. Lorenis C. Hansen and Miss Nina A. Clark were united in marriage.  The ceremony was performed in the presence of only the immediate friends and relatives.  The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Perry J. Clark, who have been for nearly two years residing on their homestead six miles to the northwest.  Mr. Hansen came here last fall on Lateral A. about six miles due north of town.  Mrs. Hansen has been for the past year engaged in teaching music and art in the public school of Montana in which work she has been highly successful.  Prior to coming to this section Mr. Hansen was cashier in the State Bank of Hermon, Nebr. And later was associated with a mining company in Idaho.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Fred W. Church, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of this town.  Miss Monteba sang “I Love you Truly” prior to the ceremony; and Miss Emily Hansen played the wedding march.  The community extends best wishes and congratulations to this new couple.  Powell Tribune Friday June 23, 1916



Quietly, and without the knowledge of any but the few relatives and friends who gathered as guests the wedding of H. W. Howell and Miss  Addie Mathews occurred at high noon last Monday at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mathews, three miles north of town.  The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. C. Wardlaw, pastor of the Baptist church.  Mr. Tim O’Keefe was the best man and Miss Eva Mathews the bride’s sister was the bridesmaid.  The bride looked charming in a gown of blue silk crepe de chine.

Following the ceremony and the usual felicitations, a two course wedding breakfast was enjoyed.  The dining room was decorated in Pink and white, the bride’s table being in the center and encircled by small tables at which the guests were seated.  A car was in waiting for the bridal couple who left immediately following the wedding breakfast for Garland where they took the train for a week’s honeymoon trip which will include stops at Billings, Gardiner, and Hunter’s Hot Springs.  Mr. and Mr. Howell are expected to return the first of the week, soon after which they will be at home in their new residence which Mr. Howell has lately purchased, located on Bent Street between Fourth and Fifth streets.

The bride and groom are numbered among the most popular young people of the Powell community.  The bride has been prominently connected with the Powell society during her residence here and has proven herself a social favorite, having been assistant in the post office for a year or more Miss Mathews gained a wide acquaintance with the people of the community. All of whom will be interested to learn of her decision to become a housewife.  Mr. Howell, new cashier of the Powell National Bank, is one of our most highly respected and popular business men, and has the congratulations of his host of friends for the wise step he has taken as well as the excellent choice of a bride he has made.  The best whishes of the Powell people for a most enjoyable wedded life will accompany this popular young couple to the end of the wedding journey.  Powell Tribune Friday February 25, 1916



The Powell Hotel was the scene of an impressive wedding ceremony last Sunday evening at 9 p. m. the principals being F. E. Johnson and Mrs. Minnie Dillon.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. S. A. Saxe, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, before a company of forty guests.  After the nuptial knot was tied, a most sumptuous dinner awaited the guests, the tables being decorated with a profusion of beautiful flowers, and the inner man was satisfied with a feast that only these long trained in the art are able to prepare.  On Monday evening a formal reception and dance to the public at large was given and the dancers made merry until a late hour.  Mr. Johnson is a late accession to the ranks of the Powell business men, and since he took charge of the Powell hotel its steady improvement as reflected his true business ability and efficiency as a hotel owner.  Mrs. Johnson started the first restaurant and bakery on the present business street, at that time a portion of the present building being one of a half-dozen then appearing on our now busy and metropolitan thoroughfare.  She has been catering to the wants of hotel patrons  ever since and deserves to have her business responsibilities shared by one in so admirable an arrangement and with one so obviously capable.  The general public approves and extends best wishes for this happy union.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are deferring their honeymoon trip till summer, when they will enjoy an extended visit to Mrs. Johnsons summer homestead in the beautiful mountains of Crandall Creek.  Powell Tribune Friday February 25, 1916



Tuesday last also witnessed the marriage of Mr. Charlie F. Jones and Miss Eva Rittenhouse, of Thermopolis, who were wed by Judge Brundage at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wiard, in this city, in the presence of a gay party who, with the bride and groom were on a trip to the National Park.

The bride wore a beautiful gown of white organdie and a long wedding veil and sweet peas.  Harry L. Jones the groom's brother acted as best man, and Mrs. Harry L. Jones was the matron of honor.

The party was composed of Miss Nellie Jones of Basin, J. H. Rader and Oscar Moore, of Thermopolis and Mr. and Mrs. B. Holeman, in addition to those mentioned above.  The wedding trip will certainly be a most enjoyable one.  Congratulations!  Stockgrower and Farmer Thursday August 6, 1908



A pretty home wedding was celebrated at the home of A. S. Carpenter, three miles north of Powell, yesterday, Mr. Dwight C. King and Miss Alexia S. Gray being the contracting parties.  The wedding took place at noon.  Only the immediate families were present.  Rev. F. W. Church officiated using the ring ceremony.  After a brief wedding journey into Montana.  Mr. and Mrs. King will be at home with the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. King of Garland.  Powell Tribune Friday March 10, 1916



At 8 o'clock last Tuesday evening Mr. Harry D. Nichols and Mrs. Margurette Raymond, of Cody, were quietly married at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Coguill, Judge Brundage officiating.

At the close of the ceremony the few invited guests sat down to a tasty wedding luncheon consisting of fruits, wedding cake and ice cream.

Mrs. Coguill had decorated the table with an elaborate display of cut flowers, white ribbons extending from the pyramid of blossoms in the center to each plate where a button-hole bouquet was attached to each ribbon, presenting a very tasteful appearance.

After hearty congratulations and good wishes the small party repaired to their homes, and the "newly weds" to their rooms in the Stiger residence, on East Sheridan avenue.

Mr. Nichols is an energetic and successful business man, who, by the attention to the wants of his customers, has built up a good trade at his New and Second Hand Store in Cody.  He is an old timer in Wyoming and has many friends here.  Mrs. Nichols has been here since last April and is liked by all who have met her.  The Stockgrower joins in good wishes and congratulations.  Stockgrower and Farmer Thursday August 6, 1908



In the presence of their immediate families only, C. Hurst Pond and Miss Eva L. Mathews both of Powell wee married on Wednesday evening of this week at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mathews.  The shorter form of the beautiful Episcopal service was used, Rev. Fred W. Church of the Methodist Episcopal Church of this place officiating.  The couple were attended by Willis Mathews, the brother of the bride and Miss Mildred Glenn.  Following the ceremony, a sumptuous wedding dinner was served.  Mr. and Mrs. Pond are well known in this community, having been conspicuous figures in the society of the young people of the project for a number of years.  They will make their home with the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Pond.  Powell Tribune Friday April 14, 1916



A very pretty but quiet wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. S.  Fisher. Thursday evening at five thirty, when their daughter Miss Mara was united in marriage to Mr.  Stanley Quick. Rev. Mr Rarick of the Cody Methodist church officiating, and using the ring ceremony.

The couple were unattended, and only a few friends and the family of the bride witnessed the ceremony, following which the party sat down to a fine wedding dinner.

Mrs. Quick is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and has lived since early childhood in Cody. She is of a quiet disposition, a faithful member and worker in the church, and has many friends both in and out of church circles.

Mr. Quick has been in the west for about eight years, having come to this country from Chicago. For the past year and a half he has been one of an efficient crew of workmen for the Sleeper Sheep Co.. which position he still holds. Mr. Quick is a young man of high moral standard, energetic and business like. he will leave Sunday for the Sleeper ranch, while Mrs. Quick will remain in this city with her parents until the first of the month, when she will join her husband, and they will make their home at the ranch.

The many friends of the newly-wedded couple extend congratulations and best wishes that all the good things may be theirs  Meeteetse News Saturday November 30, 1912



Wednesday, October 30th, witnessed the consummation of a long ad happy courtship, when Dr.Wm. Lete Shearer and Miss Anna Katharine Wiley were married at the Cliffs, the artistic and beautiful home of the bride’s parents at Cliffs, Wyoming,

The day was a perfect one, the bright blue sky and balmy air all contributing pleasure to the auspicious occasion.

The wedding took place at high noon, in the presence of one hundred guests, personal friends of the family, who met to witness the plighting of the sacred vows. The interior of the beautiful modern home was in striking contrast to its external surroundings. It is picturesquely situated away up among the rugged cliffs from which it takes its name, overlooking the beautiful Oregon basin country, as yet undeveloped, but the situation of which is unsurpassed for natural beauty, and soon to he made a garden spot by the completion of the Shoshone river irrigation canal. The combination of rugged surroundings without and artistic decorations within formed an ideal setting for one of the most sacred and beautiful  dramas of life.   Just at the stroke of high noon, to the strains of unseen but exquisite music, the bridal party began descending the broad stairway. First came eight young girls dressed in white carrying boughs of pines. Forming from the front  of the stairway to the bridal altar they held the boughs in such a manner as to form an arch for the passage of the  bride   and   her attendants.  These young ladies were Lulu Spencer. Willa Kissick, Ethel Kissick, Marie Loomis. Ruby Howe, Florence Loom in. Edna Tinkcom and Edna Yates.

Little Robert Wiley and Eugenia Jones. holding ropes of white tulle and green ivy, passed first under the arch, and were closely followed by .Miss Ruth Wiley, the bride’s only attendant.  Her gown was an exquisite creation of soft Louisine silk with pale green and white lace trimmings.  She carried a fragrant bouquet of white roses.   Then came the tiny ring bearer. Miriam Wiley, a niece of the bride, carrying an Easter Lily which held the mystic band of gold which formed a part of the ceremony.

The bride leaning on her father’s arm, gowned in a dress of white duchesse satin, entrain, trimmed in duchesse and  point lace and pearl passementrie, a beautiful brooch of pearls at the high neck and the bridal veil.   Standing in the midst of blossoms artistically arranged, she made as beautiful a bride as ever the sun shone upon.

Taking her place under a canopy of green and white that formed a part of the decorations of the room, where the Rev E. L Anderson, of the First Presbyterian church of Cody, was already stationed, they were met by the groom, who was unattended, and the ceremony was pronounced making the twain one flesh. During the ceremony ”O Promise Me” was sung softly by Mrs. Chas. M Conger, the last strains dying away with the closing words of the benediction. After which congratulations were received by Mr. and Mrs. Shearer.

Dainty refreshments were served during which Mr. and Mrs. Shearer graciously mingled with the guests and assistsed the family in bestowing its generous hospitality As they ascended the stairs to prepare for their departure the bride tossed down to a bevy of merry girls the branch of roses which  she held, and  Miss Edna Yates was the fortunate one to catch it.

As Mr. and Mrs. Shearer descended, attired in traveling dress, the automobile arrived at the porch, gorgeously decorated, accompanied by Mr. Wiley, and amid a shower of rice, two more young lives stepped forth, united, to enter the richer and broader walks of life.

Dr.   Shearer   received several congratulatory telegrams from Omaha friends, and the couple were the recipients of many valuable and beautiful presents.

They took the afternoon train for the east, bearing with them the most hearty congratulations of a host of sincere friends.  The Stockgrower and Farmer Thursday November 7, 1907



On Saturday evening of last week, the Rev. Fred W. Church united in marriage Louis Haven Starr and Ida May Rowley both of Garland.  Mr. Starr has been for some time a resident of the flat, and is well known to the young people throughout the vicinity.  Mrs. Starr moved here from Washington a little over a year ago.  Her parents have recently sold out preparatory to returning to the State from which they came.  Mr. and Mrs. Starr have the congratulations and best wishes of all of their friends.  Powell Tribune Friday June 23, 1916



On Wednesday evening, March 15, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Plummer, occurred a pretty wedding, in which Mr. Oscar F. Townsend and Miss Cora A. Plummer were united in marriage.  In the midst of many friends and relatives and attended by Mr. Halford Brownell and Miss Ora Plummer, they plighted their faith.  Rev. Fred W. Church of the Methodist Episcopal Church performed the ceremony.  Mr. Townsend is a valued employee of the U. S. R. S. and both he and Mrs. Townsend have merited the friendship of their host of acquaintances.  The bride was the recipient of many useful and beautiful gifts, evidences of the good wishes and congratulations extended by all her friends.  After a few days Mr. and Mrs. Townsend will be at home in their new residence two doors north of the Methodist church.  Powell Tribune Friday March 17, 1916



One of the most beautiful and impressive wedding ceremonies ever solemnized in Cody occurred at the Episcopal church on Tuesday, August 4, 1908, when Rev. Richard Whitehouse of Sheridan, assisted by Rev. Herbert S. Osburn of this city, united in holy bonds of matrimony Miss Florence Loomis of Cody, and Mr. John F. W. Wurth, of New York City.

Just as high noon the wedding procession entered the beautiful decorated church, headed by a chorus of ten girls dressed in white and carrying flowers which the scattered along the aisle and sang the beautiful wedding selection from Lohengrin.  Miss Marie Loomis acted as maid of honor.  Little Thornton Schwoob bore the wedding ring lying on a white flower and was followed by the bride supported by her father.  She was gowned in a lovely creation of white, entrain, with a long wedding veil, and presented a very attractive picture.

At the altar she was met by the groom and the officiating clergymen when the beautiful ring ceremony was performed, Mrs. Button softly playing "O Promise Me," during the ceremony.  Mr. LeRoy Loomis gave the bride to the groom, after which the wedding party marched from the church to the strains of the Wedding March.

After congratulations, the large number of invited guests repaired to the Loomis home, nearby, and after viewing the many beautiful and costly wedding gifts, consisting largely of silver and cut glassware, the sat down under a shady bower erected on the lawn to a delicious wedding luncheon.

By the time this was concluded the happy couple were dressed for their long, homeward journey and took the train for New York amid the sincere good wishes of their numerous Cody friends, who all wish them many years of happy wedded life.  Stockgrower and Farmer Thursday August 6, 1908




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