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Members of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge No. 520

Sheridan, Wyoming
April 1903

This information was generously compiled and submitted by Cynde Georgen.

From: "Souvenir Program, Annual Entertainment of Sheridan Lodge No. 520, B. P. O. Elks; under the Direction of W. A. Miller, J. J. Bentley, Dr. Frackelton, E. A. & H. O. Martin; Akins Opera House, Thursday Evening, April 23rd, 1903."

"This lodge was instituted by the Billings Lodge No. 394 in November 1899 with a charter of 31 members and today the membership is about 120. The first meeting was held in the K. of P. Lodge Rooms and on April 13, 1900 the Lodge removed to its present quarters which are nicely furnished and this day finds Lodge No. 520 with several hundred dollars in its treasury. So soon as the new lodge building is completed it will be occupied and refurnished in a home-like manner."

Alger, H. C. - Charter Member; Esteemed Leading Knight
Allen, Charles 
Arends, Dr. H. R. - Charter Member

Barr, J. C. 
Beck, George T. 
Beicher, Norman 
Bentley, J. J. - Charter Member; Past Exalted Ruler
Bill, J. W. 
Billings, Henry E. 
Boal, H. S. - Charter Member; Deceased
Bostwick, H. 
Brittain, W. F. - Charter Member
Burnett, W. C. 
Burnsides, Charles 

Camplin, M. B. 
Case, S. R. 
Chadwick, Walter R. 
Childress, C. L. 
Coyne, Thomas 
Crew, Jonathan 
Curran, Thomas - Charter Member

DeLong, Edgar M. 
Denebrink, B. T. 
Diefenderfer, Alf - Charter Member; Treasurer
Dodge, G. H. 
Donaldson, A. 
Downer, George W. 

Eaton, Earl R. 
Edelman, W. H. - Charter Member
Eldred, F. C. 
Erhard, George 

Felker, Ote 
Fleming, Andrew ; Deceased
Foster, W. M. - Charter Member
Frackelton, William - Charter Member
French, Howard - Charter Member
Fryberger, Harvey E. 
Furray, Edward S. - Charter Member

Garbutt, C. W. 
Garrard, G. T. 
Garrard, William - Charter Member
Gavin, A. V. - Charter Member
Gill, Thomas B. 
Griggs, W. B. 
Grinnell, C. H. - Charter Member

Hanna, O. P. 
Harper, George J. 
Heald, J. Frank - Charter Member; Esteemed Lecturing Knight
Helvey, J. D. 
Heumann, A. 
Holland, Jonathan E. 
Hollingsworth, H. E. 
Huggins, Charles B. 

Jackson, W. E. 

Kahn, D. - Charter Member
Kelsey, W. G. ; Deceased
Kirby, Ira J. (J. I.) - Charter Member

Lord, George 

Mann, W. R. 
Martin, H. O. 
Marvin, W. H. 
McLaughlin, G. F. - Charter Member; Deceased
McLaughlin, W .J. 
McShane, F. J. ; Past Exalted Ruler
Metz, Judge W. S. 
Miller, W. A. ; Esteemed Loyal Knight
Miller, William M. 
Monoghan, Thomas 
Moore, F. M. - Charter Member
Morgan, W. C. - Charter Member
Morrow, Frank M. 
Mullin, John J. - Charter Member

Nelson, Oscar 
Neuman, A. 
Newcomer, Fred - Charter Member
Newcomer, Paul 
Newell, M. A. - Charter Member; Exalted Ruler; Past Exalted Ruler
Nielsen, Andrew J. 
Noies, J. M. - Charter Member

Peck, Roy J. 
Perkins, B. F. - Charter Member

Quick, O. N. 

Reynolds, C. H. - Charter Member
Richards, J. B. 
Richardson, Ralph 
Ridgway, Wils 
Roberts, W. H. 
Rodden, W. E. 
Round, Charles. W. 

Saberhagen, C. J. 
Schroeder, Henry 
Shaw, W. W. 
Small, George E. 
Smith, F. E. Deceased
Smith, George Levi - Charter Member
Smith, S. H. 
Smith, Thomas G. 
Smyth, O. J. - Charter Member
Snively, Scott K. 
Snow, E. P. 
Spear, W. M. - Charter Member
Story, C. P. - Charter Member; Past Exalted Ruler
Stout, Thomas A. - Charter Member
Suits, J. F. Secretary
Sweeney, W. E. 
Symons, W. H. 

Telander, John V. 
Timothy, John 
Tschirgi, Arnold 
Tynan, Thomas T. 

Van Houten, L. R. 
Vance, Warren 
Vaughn, W. J. 
Verstratten, J. J. 
Viall, E. B. 

Waters, W. P. 
Willey, A. L. 
Wilson, M. C. 

Young, David 
Young, W. A. Deceased