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Sheridan Municipal Cemetery
formerly Mount Hope

These files are very large, and take a long time to load. Please be patient....

Until 1890 Sheridan had no cemetery. Individuals were buried "on the farm". In 1890 a group of businessmen formed the Mount Hope Cemetery Association, and began the first cemetery. Many of the original plots sold for $5. Many individuals who had been buried around the city were moved to the cemetery at that time.

Eventually the City of Sheridan purchased the cemetery, and some adjoining property, and the grounds are now home to about 19,000 souls, including all of the Lodges' burials.

In the late 1970s, while doing some road work on East 6th Street, the graves of a woman and child were discovered. The bodies were moved to the cemetery, and their identity was never established.

About 1997 the City began computerizing their cemetery records. The employees of the City of Sheridan have worked very hard to get over 100 years worth of records computerized, and this project could never have been possible without them!

We gratefully acknowledge their hard work, and would like to thank:

Jackie Flowers - former Director of Public Works
Susan Fields - former Director of Public Works
Ross Besson - former Assistant Director of Public Works
Tamara Tarver - former Sexton
Milton Liming - retired Sexton
Lou Hall - former Groundskeeper

The cemetery did not originally keep track of plots owned by fraternal organizations, such as the Elks, Masons, etc, until just recently, when they imported the records from the various organizations into their database.  In some instances, there was conflicting information, and they have made notes of this.

The original records were handwritten on index cards, and sometimes that information conflicted with headstones, or other records. They have also made notes of these differences.

If you have information that corrects these records, please send me a note, and I will forward it along.

Index to Sheridan Municipal Cemetery

(married females are listed under their married names)

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