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Selected Sheridan County Obituaries

These pages are being added to as I receive  obituaries for Sheridan County. If you have obituaries you would like to contribute, please submit to Suzanne Leonard, Site Coordinator.

Anderson, Lulu [off-site]

Arnott, Minnie Hays [off-site]

Bare, H.C.

Best, George L.
Best, Lambert M.
Best, Raymond

Booth, Lewis Charles [off-site]
Booth, Louis Gerard [off-site]

Campbell, Madison Rice
Campbell, Milton James

Carbone, Domenic
Carbone, Kathryn Theresa Scalise
Carbone, Rocco

Clapham, Blanche Amelia Tanner
Clapham, Charles A.

Cochrun, Lawrence [off-site]

Cook, Amy N.
Cook, Sam J.D.

Coulthard, James

Cusick, Mrs. Ellen
Cusick, Francis E
Cusick, Mable
Cusick, Patrick R.
Cusick, Son of Pat

Denebrink, Anna Louise Poe
Denebrink, Bernard (Ben) T.
Denebrink, Dr. Francis
Denebrink, Myrtle

Eggart, Archie S.
Eggart, Carrie B.
Eggart, Dan
Eggart, Ethaulean M.
Eggart, Francis William
Eggart, Gilbert Lee
Eggart, J.E.
Eggart, Lucile E. Carson
Eggart, Margaret Elizabeth Cunningham
Eggart, Von Warren
Eggart, Walter

Evans, Leroy W.

Fairbank, Claude Lloyd

Fisher, Robert E.

French, C.C.
French, Howard

Garland, Clora Blaney "Granny"

Garretson, Cloe Mitchell

Garrett, Laurel E.
Garrett, Laurel E.
Garrett, Lee E.

Gascoigne, Mrs. Winthrop H. [off-site]

Gilday, James

Green, Betty Gay Neel

Halsted, Alfred 'Al'

Hanslip, Patsy L.

Harper, Clyde [off-site]
Harper, Irene (Mills) (Lindstrom) [off-site]

Harrsch, Sylvanus Darvin

Henderson, George Robert
Henderson, Grace Mary

Huckfeldt, Freddie "Fritz"

Johnson, Dr. Simeon W.

Jones, Dr. McMillan

Kelley, Margaret L.

Kirkman, Bert W.

Kolden, Bret A.

Lee, Della Inez McClain
Lee, Marion Harland

Lewis, Harry Wallace
Lewis, John Franklin [off-site]
Lewis, Joseph Harrison [off-site]
Lewis, Pauline A. Clardy

Lindstrom, Clara Barnes
Lindstrom, Walter [off-site]
Lindstrom, Walter Carl

Long, Elmer

Marks, George Alfred

McCallister, Noma M. McKain

McRae, Jeff

Miech, John [off-site]

Miller, C.R. "Sam"
Miller, Gladys N.
Miller, Victor G.

Mills, Frank

Montgomery, Bill
Montgomery, George

Montgomery, Ira Vernon

Morrow, Jessie I. Mathers

Nelson, Arthur N.
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Nathan Z.

Nielsen, Andrew Joseph
Nielsen, Anna

Orre, Raymond E.

Parsons, Mrs. John R.

Perry, Catherine
Perry, Mary Eads
Perry, W.C.

Petersen, Marvin

Rogers, Sarah (Billie) M. [off-site]

Ross, Robert Wesley

Simmons, Albert Edward
Simmons, Florence Viola Mitchel

Sinn, Beulah F.
Sinn, Edwin John

Smalley, Lucile Berniece Davis

Smith, Patricia 'Pat' Ann Pape

Steward, Cleo V.

Swinyer, Carrie May Nelson
Swinyer, Everett J.

Upton, Alice (Bottomley) [off-site]
Upton, Alice (Stevens) [off-site]
Upton, Harry [off-site]
Upton, Samuel Edwin [off-site]
Upton, Walter [off-site]

Velazquez, Steven M.

Walker, Opal

Whaley, Alta Garrett

Wilson, Irene Clara Jacobs

Wisker, Virgil John William

Wolfe, Martha E.

Zouette, Andre L.