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The Big Horn 1959 Annual, Big Horn Wyoming

This information was compiled and submitted by Corenne Singer. Thanks Corenne!

Linda Harris presents Mrs. Garber with the Scrapbook of greetings from former students. W.W. DeJarnett, Everett Hasbrouck, Paul Garber and Mrs. Everett Berry.


After many years of living in the community, rearing her family, enjoying grandchildren, and teaching in the Big Horn School, Mrs. Vie Willits Garber decided to terminate her teaching duties. Her former pupils will always cherish her smile, words of encourgement, and sympathetic understanding. Her work was never so urgent nor the hours so long that she could not find an opportunity to help a student in distress. Many students will always regard Mrs. Garber as the teacher of the year, and wish to dedicate this yearbook in her honor.


Earl Hanslip -- President
Mary W. Helvey -- Clerk
Everett Berry -- Treasurer
W.W. DeJarnett -- Superintendent


Mabel Lodge  -- English, French
Norene Baxter  -- Commerce
Elizabeth Bentley   -- Science, Math
John Genereaux   -- Coach, Voc Ag.
Marsiella Greenfield  -- Grades 7-8
Alice Marron  -- Grades 5-6
Joy Ash  -- Grades 3-4
Helen Currie  -- Grade 2
Ollie Joseph -- Grade 1
Jean Gulley  -- Vocal Music
Imogene Bokenkroger -- Library
Vie W. Graber    -- Library
Lyle Davis -- Band
Fay Ohler  -- Home Economics


Linda Lee Harris, Band 1,2,3,4; German Band I; Glee Club 1,2,3,4,; Pep Club1,2,3,4; Vice President 3; Youth Center 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; President 4; Class President 2-3; Class Secretary 1-4; The Big Horn 1,2,3,4,; Mountaineer 1,2,3,4; Editor 4; Football Cheerleader 2-3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Three Fingers in the Door 3; 4-H 1,2,3; One Foot in Heaven 3; Too Many Girls 4.

Dan Blaney Jr., Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Class Vice President 4; 4-H; FFA Treasurer 4: Betty Lee Garrett, Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1-2-3-4; Youth Center 1,2,3,4; The Big Horn 1-2-3-4; Mountaineer 1-2-3-4; Class Vice President 4; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Treasurer 4

Vicki Jane Powers, Class President 4; Too Many Girls 4; Honor Roll 1-2-3-4; Youth Center 1-2-3-4; Secretary 4; 4-H 1-2-3-4; CAP 3-4; Three Fingers in the Door 3; Class Reporter 3; Class Secretary 3; Girls State Delegate 3; FHA Secretary 3; Pep Club 1-2-3-4; Band 1-2-3-4; Mountaineer 1-2-3-4; Assistant Editor 3; The Big Horn 1-2-3-4; Glee Club 1-2; Valedictorian 4

Judith Ellen Moore, Pep Club 1-2-3-4; President 4; Youth Center 1-2-3-4; Vice President 4; Honor Roll 1-2-3-4; Glee Club I; Class Secretary 3; Class Reporter 4; Girls State Alternate 3; Band 1-2-3-4; 4-H 1-2-3-4; Mountaineer 1-2-3-4; Editor 3; Big Horn Staff 3-4; Too Many Girls 4' Salutatorian 4


Tuesday evening May 19, was the date of the Commencement exercises. The Band played for the processional. Vicki Powers was valedictorian, and Judith Moore, salutatorian. Betty Garrett read the Class History and Prophecy, Linda Harris read the Class Poem, and Judith Moore read the Class Will. Rev Herchell Daney addressed the class on the subject, “From here to where”.


Dick Garber, Football; Basketball; Class President; Youth Center; “Too Many Girls....

Ann Helvey, “Too Many Girls” Class Reporter; Pep Club; Band.

Becky Mortenson, ‘Too Many Girls” Band; Pep Club Secretary; Class Vice President; Youth Center; 4-H.

Nola Barrett, The Big Horn; FHA President; Band; ‘Too Many Girls”; Pep Club; Youth Center; 4-H; CAP; Class Secretary; Basketball Cheerleader.

Pat Myers, FHA Secretary; “Too Many Girls”; Band; Pep Club Youth Center; The Big Horn; Mountaineer.

Nadine Shaw, Play Prompter; Pep Club Vice President: 4-H ; Band; Mountaineer; Basketball Cheerleader; FHA President; Youth Center.

Pam Coughran, ‘Too Many Girls”; Band; 4-H: Basketball Cheerleader ; Pep Club Youth Center.

Harvey Rhoads, Football; Basketball; Pep Club; Youth Center.

Edith Hanslip, FHA; Mountaineer; Basketball Cheerleader ; The Big Horn; Band; Pep Club Youth Center.

Jack Hall, FFA; Football; Basketball; Youth Center.

John Anderson, Football; Basketball; ‘Too Many Girls”; Band; Youth Center.

Eddie Sackett, Honor Roll.


Patty Edmiston, Mountaineer; The Big Horn; Honor Roll; Pep Club; Youth Center; 4-H; Twirler.

Ginger Schrater, Mountaineer; Youth Center; The Big Horn; Pep Club; Band; Honor Roll; Class Secretary; Twirler; Co-Editor, Mountaineer.

Cathy Coughran, Youth Center; Class President; Pep Club; 4-H; Band.

Joyce Dewey, FHA; Honor Roll; Class Vice President; Pep Club; Youth Center.

Dixie Avery, Pep Club; Youth Center; Honor Roll. Sharon Reber, Pep Club; Youth Center; Honor Roll.

Tom Bard, Basketball; Football; FFA Reporter; Explorer Scout; Youth Center.

Donna Eckerson, Youth Center; Class Treasurer; Band; Pep Club; Honor Roll.

Aldrich Kuchera, Youth Center; Football; Basketball.

Cary Kruse, Youth Center; CAP; Explorer Scout.

Nicki Garber, Honor Roll; Pep Club; Youth Center; Band; 4-H; Mountaineer; Majorette.

Bob Johnson, Youth Center; FFA ; Basketball; Football.

Betsey Bettcher, Youth Center; 4-H; FHA; Pep Club.

Dan Roberts, Youth Center


Nancy Hanslip, Band; Pep Club; Youth Center; Class Vice President.

Teddy Logan, Band; Youth Center; Basketball; 4-H; Explorer Scout; Senior Patrol Leader Scout.

Janet Garland, Pep Club; Class Secretary; Youth Center; Mountaineer.

Carol Bard, Pep Club; Youth Center; Class Reporter; Mountaineer.

Bill Slack, FFA; Football; Basketball; Youth Center.

Jean Moore, Pep Club; Youth Center; Honor Roll; Class Treasurer; TAB Club Secretary.

Judy Mills, Class President; Honor Roll; Youth Center; Pep Club; Twirler.

Paul Garber, 4-H; Basketball; Youth Center.


French I
Jean Moore, John Anderson, Ted Logan, Donna Eckerson, Judy Mills, Patty Edmiston, Cathy Coughran, Joyce Dewey, Ann Helvey, Aldrich Kuchera, and Pam Coughran. Mrs. Lodge.

Typing I
Tom Bard, Dan Roberts, Nancy Hanslip, Janet Garland, Carol Bard, Ted Logan, Jean Moore, Paul Garber, and Mrs. Baxter

Dick Garber, John Anderson, Betty Garrett, Dan Blaney, Miss Bentley, Vicki Powers, Ann Helvey, Linda Harris, Pam Coughran, and Becky Mortenson.

Algebra I
Ted Logan, Paul Garber, Janet Garland, Judy Mills, Jean Moore, Nancy Hanslip, Mr. DeJarnett.

Janet Garland, Nancy Hanslip, Judy Mills, Nicki Garber, Joyce Dewey, Cathy Coughran, Aldrich Kuchera, Dixie Avery, Teddy Logan, Jean Moore, Paul Garber, Carol Bard, Sharon Reber, Bill Slack, Betsey Bettcher, Donna Edkerson, Ginger Schrater, Patty Edmiston, and Miss Bentley.

Shorthand Transcription
Pat Myers, Edith Hanslip, Donna Eckerson, Patty Edmiston, Ginger Schrater, Dixie Avery, Joyce, Dewey, Sharon Reber, Judith Moore, Mrs. Baxter, and Nicki Garber.

Future Farmers of America
Harvey Rhoads, Jack Hall, Dan Blaney, Tom Bard, Bill Slack, and Mr, Genereaux, Advisor.

Vocational Ag
Tom Bard, Bill Slack, Cary Kruse, Ralph Johnson, Mr. Genereaux, Dan Blaney, Jack Hall, Harvey Rhoads.

Home Economics
Joyce Dewey, Betsey Bettcher, Judy Moore, Nola Barrett, Vicki Powers, Edith Hanslip, Betty Garrett, Nadine Shaw and Mrs. Ohler

English IV
Edith Hanslip, Harvey Rhoads, Linda Harris, John Anderson, Pam Coughran, Dick Garber, Judy Moore, Nola Barrett, Betty Garrett, Vicki Powers, Ann Helvey, Jack Hall, Ralph Johnson, Pat Myers, Becky Mortenson, Eddie Sackett, and Mrs. Lodge.