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Are you someone who wants to give to your community? If so, we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers who either have time to transcribe newspaper information about 'local' events; transcribe census information or even walk the cemeteries and either write down the information from headstones or take pictures.

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Cemeteries of Teton County

From the Teton County Wyoming web page: All real property records such as deeds, mortgages, releases, covenants, and others are placed on permanent record.

  • Alta Cemetery (1899 - present)
    Transcribed in 1998 by Donald M. Davidson and Carol Burdick Warren

    Location: The cemetery is located in Alta, Teton County, Wyoming, just a few miles east of Driggs, Teton County, Idaho. From the cemetery is a remarkable view of the west side of Grand Teton Mountain. Stones were transcribed row by row from east to west.

  • Aspen Cemetery (dates unknown)
    Transcribed Oct 18, 2002 by Maggie Rail

    Location: To reach cemetery travel south on Cache St in Jackson Hole, to Snow King where you turn east or left Cemetery us to your right in a couple blocks on the hill.

  • Elliott Cemetery (dates unknown)
    Location: Teton Pass near the town of Wilson and County Road 22

  • South Park Cemetery (1891 - present)
    Transcribed 20 Sep 1991 by Carol Burdick Warren

    Location: 5 miles south of Jackson. Per a plaque located at the entrance of the cemetery: This, the first cemetery in Jackson's Hole, was begun in 1891 during the diphtheria epidemic with the deaths of Sarah and Joseph Wilson. It is hereby dedicated in its centennial in honor of their parents: Sylvester Wilson 1840 - 1895 and Mary Wood Wilson 1844 - 1913.

  • Old Moran Cemetery
    Transcribed by Julie Maguire

    Location: now located in Grand Teton National Park, near the junction of the inner park road and the road that leads to Yellowstone National Park. (Please note: Old Moran Cemetery is a misnomer. It is the Allen Cemetery. According to the great granddaughter of Charles Joshua Allen and Maria Houston Lish Allen, the homesteaders who established this privately owned cemetery on their own property. During Maria's life, she granted permission for a few non-family burials. The quitclaim deed that transferred ownership to the government contains a clause that reserves only to C.J. Allen's descendants the right of burial in the Allen Cemetery. Park officials did not always adhere to that stipulation. They also neglected to correctly identify the cemetery. But it is the Allen Cemetery.

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