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Fort Sanders

Remains of Fort Sanders Guard House
   Fort Sanders (1866-1882) - Established as Fort John Buford by Maj. James S. Brisbin 10 Jul 1866 for Maj. Gen. John Buford. Renamed Fort Sanders 5 September 1866 for Brig. Gen. William P. Sanders. Abandoned 22 May 1882 and transfered to the Interior Department 22 Aug 1882.
   The original four company post was enlarged to accommodate two additional companies. Had a 600' by 500' parade ground. Buildings were constructed of logs according to standard U.S. Army plans except for the guardhouse and the magazine which were built of stone. The stable was 230 foot long.
   The fort was constructed on an elevation. On its north side was Spring Creek and to the south ran Soldier Creek. Col. Richard Irving Dodge tried his hand at fishing and later lamented:

"The small stream on which Fort Sanders is situated is extremely pure and clear, a model trout stream, but containing no trout. In 1868 this gentleman sent east for eggs, and went to some trouble and expense in arranging a proper hatching box in the very head spring of the brook. The eggs were hatched, and the young trout, apparently perfectly healthy, were, when largo enough, turned into the brook to take care of themselves. I am informed (in 1875) by an officer stationed at Fort Sanders that not a single one of those trout has ever been seen or heard of since."
Dodge, Richard Irving, The Hunting Grounds of the Great West, A Description of the Plains, Game, and Indians of the Great North American Desert, Chatto & Winous, Piccadilly, 1878.


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