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The Arapahoe Flag
and History


Located in the west-central portion of Wyoming, the Wind River Indian Reservation covers 2,268,000 acres. Originally encompassing 44 million acres, land cessions have resulted in the present size. Wind River is the third largest reservation in the United States. It is home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Nations; each of which has its own separate, autonomous governing council.

Lack of employment opportunities, as well as a decline in tribal oil and gas revenues, have combined with other factors to create a significant homelessness problem at Wind River. The Arapahoe Shelter Project, located on the reservation at the community of Arapahoe, is a transitional homeless shelter. Currently being implemented, the shelter site is located close to Indian Health Services, a general store, the Black Coal Senior Center, the Great Plains Hall, a detox center and extended family members. Easily accessed in a safe location, the shelter is approved and supported by the Arapaho Business Council. Unfortunately, sporadic availability of funding has delayed the opening of the shelter.

Although fundraising efforts and donations of time and materials have been of great assistance, it has not been enough. Additional funds are needed for installation and hook-up of utilities as well as final site preparation. An intensive campaign to generate funds for supplemental food supplies is also underway as general economic conditions degenerate and winter approaches.

As our elected officials struggle to maintain services and generate additional economic development, others of us are fighting to help meet basic needs. Implementation and operating funds for the Arapahoe Shelter Project are still needed.

Persons who would like more information may contact: The Arapahoe Shelter Project, Attn: Irene Houser, PO Box 8035, Ethete, WY 82520-8035 Fax: 307-332-9104.

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